Monday, February 20, 2017

Weight loss maintained 6 months

They say that maintaining weight loss is harder than losing. I am celebrating 6 months of success this week. I've kept over 70 pounds off for 6 months. The dress and jacket are size 8. I found the boots in a garbage can in the neighborhood (was not looking, just saw them and hauled home). All the boots needed was soap and water and some scrubbing. They are a size too large, but I like it that I can wear socks inside. These boots are real Australian sheep skin and wool. YAYAY  Dress and jacket were also free. Jacket came from Talbot's; cost over $60 new. Life is a bowl of cherries and I am having a blast.


Michelle Rock said...

Congratulations, you look wonderful!

Victoria H said...

Wow! So, you've been Size 8 for already 6 months? That's great! I used to be Size 8 on the bottom and size 10 on top, but after my spine surgery I've gained more than 30 Lbs and cannot loose any pounds on top. I'm wearing Size 16 on top and size 13 on the bottom! I hope to get back at least to Size 12 on top and Size 10 on bottom :))