Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Photo frames from records

Easy to make and a great way to use special photos

Easy to make and cost just a few pennies--book ends from vinyl records.

Awesome book ends from old vinyl records

Inexpensive and hip way to make bowls. Upcycling vinyl records.

How to make a dish from a vinyl record:
l. Heat oven to 350 or higher. Be careful---breathing the fumes if not good. Cover your face.
2. Place record over a metal bowl and place in oven.
3. Let it heat for 5 to 7 minutes.
4. You can watch as it begins to change shape.
5. Remove from heat and place into larger bowl.
6. Use a dish towel and shape the bowl as needed.
7. It will dry quickly.
8. If it is not the shape you want, you can reheat and try again.
9. DO NOT USE AS A DISH TO EAT FROM---SERVING is okay----Use as serving dish with foods that have skins or coverings.

Fun use for old records

Using old records for creative projects.

Made bowls with old records by melting the vinyl in a hot oven and forming it into the shape of a dish.