Monday, January 31, 2011

Awards for Knoxville Journal staff 1-31-2011

An Awards Ceremony for the staff of the Knoxville Journal Newspaper was held on Monday, January 31, at the offices located on 1717 N. Broadway.

Publisher Renee Wheeler presented certificates to those
employees who had distinguished themselves in 2010 in both the business and writing side of her company.

Categories for recognition included:
Years of Service;
Outstanding Achievement in --business
Outstanding Achievement in writing/reporting & photography;
Employee of the Year,
and the total number of articles published

Elected officials in attendance were: Mayor Tim Burchett, commissioner
Amy Broyles, city councilwoman Marilyn Roddy, and candidate for
city mayor, Madeline Rogero. Other guests were: Michael Grider, who works as the Mayor's Communications Manager and Ronnie Miller, Elvis Tribute Artist. Miller entertained the audience with their favorite Elvis tunes.
To everyone's delight it was discovered that candidate Madeline Rogero has a lovely singing voice as she sang along with Miller on some of the songs.

Doug Young, former talk radio show host, welcomed the group and
introduced Ms. Wheeler, who gave a message of appreciation to her
staff. "When I look at your faces I see someone special and I love you," she said.

Wheeler then introduced Mayor Tim Burchett, who gave a brief speech of encouragement
to the group in which he talked about the non-traditional roles of women in business and the importance of role models. "My role models were my parents," he said.

"I am proud of you and I am honored to be here," said Mayor Burchett.
"It is important to give awards to adults," he said. "We never outgrow
the need to be recognized for doing a good job. When I watch pro football,
I see huge men who are so big they would have trouble walking through the door, yet, when
you look at their helmets, you will see stickers that are placed there on the back because of some play--a tackle or run they made. They may make millions and millions of dollars, but the stickers
on the helmets are why they push themselves to do well. You are to be commended for
your extra effort and I honor you. Thank you for allowing me this small opportunity," he said.

Awards Presented:

Promotions During the Year:
Jeremy Dailey to managing editor;
Jeannie Wallace, legal notice supervisor & copy editor;
Jennifer Smith to circulation manager;
Doug Young, writer & spokesperson;
Jamie Wheeler to vice-president.

Years of Service: One year or less (New Kids on the Block)
Jeremy Dailey;
JJ Kindred;
Jennifer Smith;
Stephanie Cutter;
Doug Stuckey;
Shanti Wheeler;
Randy Wallace

Years of Service:
3 years--Martha Rose Woodward;
4 years--Jamie Wheeler;
4 years--Dave Ford;
5 years--Doug Young;
7 years--Cathy Cole;
7 years--Angela Massey;
8 years--Pat Griffieth;
8 years--Jeannie Wallace

Over and Beyond In Service: Randy Wallace
Leadership & Contract Negiotations: Doug Young

Outstanding Achievement:
for Business Management--Angela Massey;
for Legal Notices & Copy Editing--Jeannie Wallace;
for Public Relations & Marketing Director--Cathy Cole;
for Marketing & Sales--Stephanie Cutter;
for Maintenance & Office Repair--Randy Wallace
for Maintenance & Business--Jamie Wheeler

Outstanding Achievement:
for Sports writing--Dave Ford;
for coverage of county commission, city council, and school board--JJ Kindred;
for feature writing--Martha Rose Woodward;
for weekly columns--Doug Young; J Don Gibson; David Creekmore; Brian Stuckey;
for faith based writing--Rita Sutton;
for photography in feature reporting-Doug Stuckey;
for sports photography--Dave Ford

Outstanding Achievement for number of articles published:
100 JJ Kindred--one year's work; 700--Martha Rose Woodward-3 years' work; 1600-Dave Ford-4 years' work

Employee of the Year--Angela Massey
Wheeler said of Massey, "She is the glue that keeps the company together."

A final award was presented to Renee Wheeler by the staff for being "The Best Employer". Doug Young said of Wheeler, "She is the best boss anyone could possibly have and she promotes teamwork. She challenges each of us to be the best we can be."

The event ended as Miller serenaded Wheeler with one of her favorite Elvis tunes , "Can't Help Falling In Love With You."

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Obamas NOT invited to royal wedding

Nancy Reagan attended the wedding of Charles and Diana, but Michele Obama will not be getting an invitation to the wedding of William and Kate. Why? It seems that when the Obamas met with Queen Elizabeth, Michele Obama wrapped her arm around the Queen even though she had been told no one ever touches the Queen. It is being said that the Royal Family was outraged. William said the Obamas were disrespectful to his grandmother and he does not want them at his wedding. He also does not approve of the way the Obamas take so many expensive vacations during tough economic times for many Americans. Is this true?