Thursday, February 25, 2016

622 Things Thrown Out and Counting

622-used cd
623-papers from purse
624-broken salt shaker
625-packing plastic
626-empty plastic bottle from purse
627-1 cup
628-two small boxes
629-639-10 books to child
640-handful of old papers
641-another old notebook
642-broken coffee pot
643-1 jar of tea
644-1 pair old sunglasses
645-bags of out-of-date almonds
646-650-more lids that do not match anything
651-652-two out-of-date credit cards
653-1 old battery
654- 1 small trash can (broken on bottom)
655-656-2 dry ink pens
657-handful of change from purse (given to child in family)
658-one day planner from 2004
   to be continued

500 Thing Thrown Out---Going for 600

  After taking the 100 Things Challenge on Sunday, February 14th, I threw out 500 items I did not need during the next two weeks. Most were things tucked away in closets, drawers, cabinets and chests. Many of the things I threw out came from the categories of clothing, fabric, and paper/files.
Although 500 items sounds like a lot, the total size of the things tossed out amounted to about 8 garbage bags full--the clothing taking up most of that room.
  Although it was easy to trim 500 items from my house, finding the next 100, to make it 600 items tossed out, is getting more difficult. I think that is a good thing.
  Here goes the 600 + list:
601-bottle of rug cleaner
603-egg carton
604-damaged book
605-606-- 2 pasteboard boxes
607-611- fabric for nap pad for dogs
612-one glove
613-broken candle
614-old cloth bag
615-change purse
616-several cards
617-small jewelry box
618-one earring
619-620-2 old rags
621-one empty jar

to be continued...

Monday, February 22, 2016

Nap pads for doggies to be donated to local animal shelter

Using fabric remnants from local furniture store, I made 9 nap pads to donate to local animal shelter so doggies do not have to sleep on the cold floor. Our dog, Achilles, decided to model for this photo. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Baby Quilts Donated to Area Needy

As a part of my 100 Things Challenge I decided to donate quilts to an area program that provides quilts and clothing for newborn babies. I collected and or made 9. Aren't they sweet?

100 Things Challenge Led Me to Clear 500 Items From My House

What started as a challenge to rid my house of 100 unwanted items this week led me to, eventually, get rid of 500 items. Oddly, my house does not look that much different as the items were tucked away in drawers, closets, cabinets and shelves. However, I feel GREAT!!!
  Read on and you will learn the kinds of things I cleared. Many were the kinds of things that seem to reproduce and many were items that I donated to area thrift stores.
  One thing that has made me feel even better is that by sharing my challenge with others, I have heard that several people are taking the challenge and clearing items from their houses, too. One lady told me her husband had been telling her for years she needed to throw away three fourths of her make-up and shoes. She said he was overjoyed that she took the challenge. Another lady told me that once she got started she found more and more to toss out.
  Clearing clutter from your house does become an obsession. I walk through each room asking what more can I toss out.
  I am considering my next 100 Things Challenge. I may take a pledge to reduce each room to less than 100 items. If not all rooms, maybe just one or two. Can I do this? I wonder. I can easily see how I could reduce the items in my bathrooms to under 100 Things, but not sure about my bedroom. The kitchen would be the hardest to reduce to 100 Things. We own so many gadgets and gizmos for different tasks, but we could move more things to the pantry.
  Will you take the 100 Things Challenge? OR, better still, make one up for your life and let me know what you do.  Sun sphere book @  (no spaces/

Friday, February 19, 2016

   After completing my 100 Things Challenge, I did so well, I decided to repeat the process and get rid of 100 more things. This will make a total of 200 things that have left my house this week and it is only Tuesday. 
I just got back from a thrift store where I donated #1-12 pieces of clothing; #13 a lamp. and on to McKay's where I sold 9 books, #14-22 and gave away 10 3 rind binders-#23-32. I am donating 10 baby quilts to a local agency that gives them to families who have nothing for new babies being born--#33-42. I discarded 3 pieces of fabric I no longer need; #43-46, and found 2 more ink pens without ink-#47-48. I discarded 2 rolls of tubing I no longer can use-#49-50. While at the thrift store, I gave them a bag of plastic bags (I earned a 10% discount)-#51. I prepared a bag of 15 canned and boxed food I can no longer use to donate to a pal who works in the neighborhood--#52-66. I threw out 3 pasteboard boxes I was keeping to use for mailing books, but made the sacrifice since I have plenty--#67-68.
THIRTY-TWO to go and the day is not over.
I encourage you to take the 100 Things Challenge. See if you can get rid of 100 things from your house this week. Honestly, you will feel so much lighter and who needs all this crap?
Spring cleaning in February---better than Valentine's Day.

   Obsession can be a good thing.
This all began when I watched a TedTalk by a minimalist--a person who believes in using only 100 items. One pair of jeans, two pair of shoes, one bed, one sheet, one spoon, one fork---you get the idea.
He said that if we could not cut back that far to make up our own 100 Things Challenge. I decided to get rid of 100 things for my challenge. After that went so quickly, I decided to get rid of 100 more items. After doing that I am on my 3rd 100 Things Challenge and I feel great. Yes, I am obsessed with throwing things away. I marvel at how stuff/junk just creeps up on me.
Here is my 3rd 100 list of 100 Things Challenge:
301-308 old Cds
309-312- 3 cups
313- lid that does not match anything
314-broken photo frame
315-316- 2 magazines
317-large roll of wallpaper
318-1 random bowl
319-large packing envelope
320-tube of paint
321-shower curtain rod
322-Xmas wrapping paper
323-nearly empty bottle of dish liquid
324-nearly empty bottle of shampoo
325-book given to a friend
326-330-5 pieces of fabric sewn into a puppy pad
331-352-saved catalogues and magazines
353-1 newspaper
354-1 sock
355-357- 3 scraps of wood
358-362- 5 old underwear
363-chair cover
364-old tube of silicone
365-broken clock
366-bottle of dog meds outdated
367-371-old eyeglasses
372-373- 2 dry ink pens
374-1 nearly empty bottle of aspirin
375-1 tube dry cream
376- 1 package hand soap
377-380- 3 tubes skin ointment
381-383-2 hats
384-l large box
385-1 old coat
386-1 bottle eye drops
387-390- 3 eye cartons
391-400- 3 ring binders
Will I try for 400?
   When I began the 100 Things Challenge on February 14, liitle did I know that I would become motivated to keep challenging myself to rid my life of items I no longer need. I was able to toss 100 items quickly which led me to move on to 200. After seeing 200 items leave my house, I decided to try for 300. That went so well, I am working on getting rid of 400 items. Thankfully, the task is getting harder. I stand amazed that i thought I was doing a good job of keeping clutter out of my life, while in reality I have, at least, 435 items i did not need or want. Here are the latest 400 to 435.
Will I make it all the way to 500?
I challenge you to make your own 100 Things Challenge.
400-401-2 baking pans.
402-403-2 frig magnets
404-409- 4 random cassettes
410- 1 plastic case
411-1 box
412- 426- sewed 3 nap pads for dogs/puppies at animal shelter (required 5 pieces of fabric each)
427-428-2 dry ink pens
429- 1 Halloween decoration
430-1 Christmas apron
431- 1 plastic coat hanger
432-434-3 plastic bottles nearly empty of skin cream
435- 1 notebook with notes from 2014

436-437-two skirts
438-440--3 dresses
441- a cowboy hat
442-445 -3 scarves
446-448- 2 winter coats
449-450- 2 sets pjs
451-452-two old books given to a pal
453- 1 box files sold
454-457-3 pasteboard boxes
458-460-2 notebooks of files from 2013
461- calendar for 2004
452-453-2 broken photo frames
454-455-two belts
456-457-two empty bottles of body wash
458-463- nap pad for dog
464-466- 2 boxes
467-1 sock
468-470-2 empty bottles of detergent
471-475- 5 empty jars
477-1 broken clock
478-486-old Christmas cards
487-488-2 plastic bowls
489-494- old magazines
495-500--old catalogues
THAT's 500 items removed from my home this week. YAY

MORE TO GO TO REACH 500, but well on my way...YAY

100 Things Challenge Turns Into 200 Things and More

Yesterday I posted #1 - #68 of my 2nd round of ridding my house of 100 things I do not need. Today I am finishing out the 100 to make it 200 things that I have thrown out, donated to a thrift store or given to a needy person.
   #69-74--15 pieces of fabric used to sew pads to donate to area animal shelter for dogs and puppies to use as rugs. #75-a jar of old make-up. #76-poured part of a jar of spice into jar of same spice and threw out one jar. #77-1 stool. #78-1 package of photo paper cannot use. #79-86-7 Christmas dessert plates. #87-1 vase. #88-handful of random papers from a storage box. #89-1 pair of broken glasses. #90-1 baking pan. #91-1 nearly empty jar of mustard from frig. #92-93-2 pieces of scrap wood. #94-20 more plastic bags donated to thrift store. #95-96-2 books with torn covers. #97-1 spool thread chew up by dog. #98-old pair of socks. #99-100-2 plastic storage containers.
YAY--a total of 200 items gone from my house.
   I challenge everyone to set up your own 100 Things Challenge. I have learned that I need to purge my house more often. Although I keep items stored away in drawers and closets, things obviously pile up and need to be thrown out.
  Do I dare go for 300? I think I will. For one thing I'm going to spend some time sewing more nap pads to donate to the local animal shelter. They are always so grateful and the puppies and dog need something warm to lie on when they are taking naps. I typically make purses or quilts, but I think I'll use the fabric for the doggies this time.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

100 Things Challenge---Great Way to Clear Clutter

I became motivated to clear 100 things from my home by taking the 100 Things Challenge this week. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to gather up 100 items I could toss or donate.
  Here is my list and photos of many of the items.

  100 Things Challenge:
l. old handkerchief
2. 7 sheets of paper
3. one old notepad with 3 sheets left
4.-12.   8 books going to McKay's for resale
13.-17  4 ink pens that don't have ink in them
18.-21. 3 dresses to Goodwill
22.-23  2 pairs of shoes to Goodwill
24.-25  2 pieces of fabric no longer needed
26. 1 plastic container misshaped by dishwasher
27.-28. 2 oversized cups
29. 1 bag of leftover pork rinds (too tough to eat)
30. 1 plastic bottle (formerly contained shampoo)
31.33. 3 broken plastic coat hangers
34. 1 container of meds prescribed for a dog I no longer own
34.-40  6 food items out-of-date: 2 taco sauces; I hot chocolate, 1 jar pizza sauce; 1 bar candy; 1 cheese packet
41.-60  paper items: out-of-date address labels; notepads; old envelopes; Xmas decorations for cupcakes; sales receipts; directions; empty papers
61.-62  2 empty bottles of hot sauce
63. 1 winter coat (to be donated)
64. 1 jacket (to be donated)
65.  1 hat (to be donated)
66.  1 blouse (to be donated)
67.-73. Plastic lids
74. plastic container
75.-77  3 random pipes for plumbing supplies
78. 1 jar
79. 1 cologne jar
80.  1 empty lotion bottle
81.   random plastic from drawer
82.   beaters that do not match current mixer
83.   twisty ties
84. random nails and screws
85. old earrings.
86. part of a chain
87. key
88. eraser that won’t erase anything
89. random pieces of metal
90. brush that is glued
91. crystal
92. random piece of glass       
93. 2 out-of-date cough drops
94. 1 store credit card out-of-date   
95. 1 packet floor cleaner
96. used straw   
97. 1 empty cola bottle
98. 1 out-of-date check book  
99. out-of-date business cards  


00. 2 pages of stickers

East Tennessee Plant Swap Planned for May 14. New Harvest Park; 9:45 until 2 p.m.

"The Spring 2016 East Tennessee Plant Swap will be held at New Harvest Park, 4775 New Harvest Lane, Knoxville TN 37918 on Saturday, May 14, 2016. Setup will begin at 9:45am. Swapping will begin at 10:00am. We will have a pot-luck lunch at around 11:30am or noon. Please make plans now to come join the fun on swap day! For more information or to arrange trades in advance, please visit"
  I have attended this event for the last 5 years and have hundreds of dollars worth of fabulous plants in my yard thanks to the kindness of others.
  You do not have to bring plants in order to trade. You can bring garden-type items such as signs. The ones in the photo were made by my son and were grabbed up as quickly as he took them out of his truck.
  Hope to see you there.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Dogs in snow

Achilles (black lab) and Buddy

Pumpkin (left) Buddy (right)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

228 FREE books delivered to West End Elementary's 5th graders February 5

Research is clear. If we want boys and girls to be better readers GIVE THEM BOOKS they can OWN. I set about this year to work on a project of simply buying books and donating to area students. So far this year I have given 1,400 hundred books to students. Many thanks to the kind security officer who helped haul the 228 books that went to West End Elementary's 5th graders last Friday. He was a gracious and grateful gentleman.