Friday, August 8, 2008

Election news Judge B. McGee wins!!!!!

Election news August 7, 2008

Election August 7, 2008 Sheriff Jones

election news Aug. 7, 2008 Phil Ballard wins!!!

election night--8-7-08

August 7, 2008 Election News

Jones for Sheriff, Arnett for Clerk, Witt for Register of Deeds, Sisk* for Trustee, Ballard for Property Assessor, McGee for Criminal Court Judge, Div. II, Saunders for Fourth District Seat A, Shouse for Fourth District Seat B, Anders for Sixth District Seat A, Wright for Eighth District. New Knox County School Board members Kincannon, Buttry, Carson and Phillips. Lockett for Knox County Law Director. Woodson and Farmer in their respective primaries for State Senate. State Representatives Nicelely, Brooks, Tindell and Dunn. Ray for the Republican nomination to take on Joe Armstrong. Haynes for State Representative District 14, Campfield for State Representative District 18, Nicodemus for Democrat candidate State Representative, Overbey, State Senator Dist 8, Unted States Senator Lamar Alexander for the Republican nomination. Tuke for Democrat candidate for United States Senate, Padgett winning Knox County. U.S. Representative John J. "Jimmy" Duncan, Jr. and Scott, the Democrat candidate for United States House of Representatives in Dist. 2The ones that we got wrong.Baah in the First District County Commission, Bolus in the Second District County Commission, Sproles in the Fifth District County Commission and Ward in Ninth District County Commission.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sunsphere Lecture

July 28, 2008 at the Sunsphere

July 28, 2008, Ruthie Kuhlman and guest

July 28, 2008

Knox County Sheriff's Chaplain

Emerald Youth

Emerald Youth

Emerald Youth

July 28, 2008

July 28, 2008

photos from July 28, at the Sunsphere

July 28, 2008

Photos from July 28, 2008

Photos from July 28, 2008

Sunsphere Lecture, July 28, 20

William Denton's resume


William S. (Bill) Denton, Jr., Principal Architect
William S. Denton, Jr. & Associates, Inc.

Educational Background
William S. Denton, Jr. was educated at East High School, Knoxville, Tennessee and the
University of Cincinnati School of Architecture and Planning, Cincinnati, Ohio where he
received a degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture achieved simultaneously with
the co-operative education degree program in architecture in June 1965. He was a member of the Acacia Fraternity and was a recipient of scholarship awards, including a
post graduate fellowship in community planning at Manchester University, Manchester,
England. He was included on the Deans List 1963-1965.

Employment History
After college graduation, William S. Denton began practicing architecture under well known architect, Hubert Bebb in Gatlinburg and Morristown. A partnership with George Price was formed in 1966, creating the firm Price-Denton Associates located in Morristown. In 1970, Mr. Denton joined the architectural firm of Community Tectonics, Inc. In 1974, he was elected president of the firm. With this wealth of design and project
management experience, Mr. Denton founded hi own firm in January 1983. The firm,
located in Morristown, specializes in architecture, planning, and interior design services.

Career Accomplishments
During his architectural career, Mr. Denton has served as Project Architect on many diverse architectural projects. Mr. Denton’s vast experience includes the design of fifty public schools, numerous hotels, professional buildings, churches, and master planning projects ranging from regional shopping and business centers to large scale residential and resort developments. His achievements include the following:

▪ Design and development leadership for the Sunsphere, theme
structure for the 1982’s World’s Fair

▪ Principal Architect for three consecutive Tennessee School of the Year
award winning buildings

▪ Principal Architect for the first Tennessee College Campus developed
from a Master Plan and its subsequent buildings from 1972-1992.

▪ Principal Architect for over 25,000 rooms of hospitality architecture

▪ Principal Architect for the first commercial solar facility in East Tennessee

Memberships and Other Interests
Mr. Denton is a member of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards
(NCARB). He is a founding member of the Walters State Community College Foundation and past director of the Morristown Chamber of Commerce and Morristown
Boys Club. He served on the Morristown Planning Commission for ten years and assisted in the formulation of zoning ordinances for several communities.

Mr. Denton is a member of St. James Episcopal Church where he is an ordained Stephens
Minister. Mr. Denton is, also, a British sports car enthusiast and is a member of the Smoky Mountain Austin Healey Club.

Personal Data
Mr. Denton is married to the former Denise Wilie from Atlanta, GA, who works with him in the firm as a registered interior designer. They reside in Sevierville. He is the father of
three sons: Randy, age 42, Billy, age 36, and Casey, age 34. Mr. Denton’s mother, Jeanne, is still active at the age of 82 and resides in Knoxville.

Sunsphere Event Makes the News

The first annual “Tribute to the Sunsphere” was held at the Knoxville’s most recognizable landmark on July 28th. The event and luncheon were hosted by Southern Graces and Event Planners, with radio talk show host Bill Lindley acting as Master of Ceremonies. Numerous local candidates and office holders were in attendance (including Sherriff JJ Jones, and the mayor of Knoxville during the 1982 World’s fair, Randy Tyree), as well as youngsters from the Emerald Youth Foundation, Martha Rose Woodward (author of “Knoxville’s Sunsphere Biography of a Landmark”), and members of the general public. After Chaplain Bruce Spangler’s reverent prayer, the Salute America: There’s a Winner in You, Extra Effort Award was presented by Mr. Lindley to the event’s guest of honor, Sunsphere architect William Denton. With support from Senator Tim and Allison Burchett, copies of Ms. Woodward’s book were presented to the Emerald Youth Foundation attendees.

The audience was enthralled by the stories of struggle told by William Denton, an east Tennessee native who worked as the chief architect for the sphere. Taking inspiration from structures such as the Crystal Palace in England and the Space Needle in Seattle, as well as from the sun (the 1982 World’s Fair was originally called the Knoxville International Energy Exposition), Mr. Denton and co-architects Hubert Bebb and Don Shell created images of possible theme structures. Their firm, Community Tectonics, persevered through late hours, financing difficulties, building code challenges, poor soil samples at the site, and hundreds of other issues. The Fair Committee gave approval for the Sunsphere concept on March 14th, 1980, and all loans for the privately-funded structure were approved on August 12th of that year. Mr. Denton credited many with making the Sunsphere happen, but gave particular credit to Jesse Barr, who coordinated the financing. Eighteen months were now left to officially design and build the Sunsphere.

The Sunspere is the first heated and cooled spherical building on the planet, and Mr. Denton described it as an “icon to the city”. The sphere has a 74 foot radius, and no piece of steel used in its construction was “custom”. The perfect dark blue color paint was needed for the exterior of the structure; Mr. Denton took multiple pictures of the east Tennessee skyline, and fourteen different blues were selected and compared. The 360 window panes were a particular challenge to locate, and were created with the safety of visitors at the forefront. The panes below the equator are laminated on the inside, and tempered on the outside. The panes above the equator are the opposite. There is also 14 karat gold in the glass. The structure is anchored to a large wheel underground, so while the Sunsphere will move slightly in a storm, there is enough weight at the bottom to keep it upright.

The Sunsphere is now owned by the city of Knoxville, and is a public building for the residents to enjoy. Mr. Denton concluded his presentation, and former mayor Randy Tyree and Sunsphere project participant Jesse Barr joined Mr. Denton at the podium for an enthusiast round of applause from the attendees. For those interested in a thorough and highly enjoyable history regarding the structure, Martha Rose Woodward’s 2007 book is recommended.

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