Tuesday, July 26, 2011

That Computer Guy---Omer Hussain

That Computer Guy---Omer Hussain by Martha Rose Woodward

Let ‘s face it, in this age of advanced technology including everything from iPhones, iPods, laptop computers and dvd recorders, if we use these gizmos and gadgets, at some point, we are going to need that guy--the guy that knows all about how to repair these items. For me, luckily, I met Omer Hussein and, man oh man, am I glad.

Life in my world of computer repairs before Omer was fairly bleak. I tried those store geeks and even paid $150 per hour to have a couple of them visit me in my home. After all, that is where I use my computer. Oh sure, I tried taking my computer to the store, but, even if they fixed my problem in the store, once I got home, nothing made sense.

After assessing my computer problem, one geek who visited my home told me that all I could do was to get a new computer. Ha--not the answer I wanted. At another point, one geek told me the problem could not be solved. Not the answer I wanted, either.

So, I faced life suffering with aggravating computer and cell phone problems until my daughter met Omer through a friend of hers who works for a store that sells cell phones. When I contacted Omer he was friendly and easy to talk to and he assured me that he could repair most problems. He asked me to meet him at a local coffee shop and I did. I found him to be an attractive twenty-something gent with a big smile. He arrived with a backpack full of tools and quickly hooked up his laptop to my cell phone and immediately told me what was wrong with it. He asked if I wanted to order the part I needed and when is said that I did, he had it ordered before I took a sip of my drink--my kind of guy.

Actually, it was the most recent power outage we faced a couple of weeks ago that made me realize I truly did need a good cell phone. I had tried to use a cell phone a few times before, but I had difficulty keeping up with it. It seemed like every time it rang, I was in the car and the phone was in my purse, or it I was at home, people would call my land line and if I didn’t answer, they would call the cell phone----what a waste! But, after feeling completely locked out of all communications when our power was out for over three days, I decided to try using a cell phone one more time. My daughters were convinced I’d do better using a cell phone if I had an iPhone, so they made arrangements to give me one they had, only it needed to be repaired. Enter Omer.

Omer is the owner of Omer's Repair Service located on Kingston Pike in Knoxville. He is the son of a local doctor who moved his family to America from Pakistan many years ago. Omer’s brother is following his father’s footsteps into the medical field, but high tech was Omer’s calling. He says his son, age 3, also has the techy gene as he can already use his dad’s gadgets. Omer performs repairs on all Apple and Microsoft based computers, all iPhones, iPods, and most other mobile devices. He gives free estimates and charges about $25 per hour for most repairs; plus parts, of course. His e mail address is OmersRepairService@gmail.com, and his phone number is 865 978 3011.

You can also find Omer’s Repair Service on Facebook. Here are a few comments about Omer that will give you an idea of what his customers think about him:
Brandon Acuff said, “No one touches my techy stuff but this techy right here!”
Moiz Hussain said, “Im gonna buy an iPhone so I can get it fixed by you.”

Omer Hussain can fix your computer and cell phone.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunsphere’s 5th Floor Will Re-open as a Bar

Sunsphere’s 5th Floor Will Re-open as a Bar

Tony Cappiello, an attorney and real estate developer living in Oak Ridge, thinks he can do something none have been able to do before him---make a success of the 5th Floor at the Sunsphere by opening an upscale bar and lounge. Cappiello has leased the space and has been busy making plans to refurbish the floor plan to take advantage of what the says is the “draw” of the Sunsphere, namely the view.

Cappiello says the first thing he will do is make a defined foyer by adding a half wall in front of the elevators that will have signs directing visitors to either side of the Sunsphere. The floor will actually have two separate spaces so that, if needed, one can be in use for a private party while the other continues to be open to the public. Each space will hold about 60 people. Cappiello is working with the Fire Marshall to seek permission to remove some of the original kitchen equipment that is no longer in use in order to free up space.

Cappiello says he plans for two bars on the fifth floor. One will have a water theme and a the other will have a sun theme. "If you go to the right, which is the West view where the sun sets, we will have what we call a sun bar. We will have a fireplace type feature," Cappiello said. He plans for a variety of drinks--alcoholic and non-alcoholic to be on the menu along with appetizers and desserts. Menu options are limited since there is currently no grilling or frying allowed in the kitchen of the Sunsphere due to fire hazards.
Names for the two spaces have not been chosen at this date.

Chad Copenhaver, part of the management team that oversees the Sunsphere's fifth and sixth floors, said that the Sunsphere can be used for just about any kind of event you can imagine. He said that the sunrises and sunsets from high above the World’s Fair Park are something that can take your breath away.

The sixth floor of the Sunsphere is currently available to be rented for meetings, parties and all sorts of occasions. It has room for about 200 people, can provide surround-sound speakers, and flat screen television sets. Party planner, Sara Spangler, is available to help with the reservations and planning for any type of event desired. You can easily find her on Facebook.

Chad Copenhaver thinks the Sunsphere is a value to the community because it is a one of a kind structure that has an interesting history. He says he is excited about the possibilities for the Sunsphere. The team hopes to have the 5th floor ready to open by football season this year.

According to the web site Peace Through Understanding-The World’s Fair Community, the Sunsphere may be the second most photographed building in Tennessee next to Graceland.

Lynn Mullins, quilter from Aunt Lynn's Longarm Quilting