Tuesday, March 29, 2016

On Valentine's Day I began a 100 Thing Challenge. The idea is to clear clutter from our lives and environments.

As I began the 100 Thing Challenge I was motivated by a Ted Talk I watched from a Dave Bruno who says it is best to live a life free of clutter. He says we need to move towards simplicity. That old adage, "Less is more." Excess does not have to mean success.

Here is the link to his speech:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7VUpYpTwI8

Bruno has scaled down his own life to only owning 100 things. He says if we can't do that to make up our own 100 Things Challenge, so I did. I decided to get rid of 100 things I did not need.

I picked up a garbage bag and opened a few drawers and cabinet doors and soon had the bag full of 100 things. That went so well, I move on to the next 200. Long story short, I was soon headed towards 500 items cleared from my house.

It sounds like I must have been a hoarder, but no. Clearing 500 items only filled 5 trash bags. The kinds of items I am talking about are broken coat hangers, boxes, broken jewelry, a handful of twisty ties, jars, nearly empty bottles, tubes and cans.

Along the way I got rid of 3 bags full of clothes and shoes pieces of fabric I no longer need for my hobby of sewing.

By the time I had thrown out 800 items, I decided to donate food I had in storage that my family would not longer eat due to our switching to a low carb or no carb lifestyle. A local food bank was happy to get the 100 items of food and I was happy to count that as 800 to 900.

I am currently working on the final 100 to reach a total of 1,000 items gone.

The model of excess is not something I want to follow. I do not need more, more, more in my life. I need less, less, less (accept for plants in my yard).

One of the best things that has happened with my project is the way my behavior has influenced others. Several people have told me that after they read about what I was doing, they got busy throwing out items from their houses. Each person discovers that this makes us feel sooooo much better.

For my final 100 items, the list begins here:

901-paint can
902-908 dust rags
909-911 3 jars
912-932--books to kids in the neighborhood
933-934--2 pairs of pants
935-937-2 catalogues
938-948-sold 10 books
949-tee shirt given to a pal
950-960-10 hair curlers
961-963-3 random socks that do not match
964-965-2 cassettes
966-one plastic case
967-968-2 blouses
969-970-2 bags Christmas decorations (donated)
971-975-4 random cords
976-978-3 shirts cut and used as rags
979-981-3 pieces of random lumber from my closet
982-985-4 small plastic storage containers
986-990-4 plastic plants containers
991-995-6 pillow covers
996-1,000-4 notebooks
SUCCESS!!!!!  I have cleared 1,000 items from my house.

All in all, the entire amount of items removed from my house would fit inside a 6'x4' space or in 12 trash bags, other than the food items. In other words, most of the items were small and when packed in boxes did not take up that much space.

I feel so much better and my house seems cleaner although the items I threw out were not visible as most were inside drawers, closets, cabinets or storage boxes.

I plan to continue with my project. Could 1,000 grow to 1,500? Not sure, but I will keep being aware of the need to toss things out instead of saving for a rainy day.

A beautiful flower from my sweet son, Barrett.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

All carbohydrates we won't eat were donated to local food bank

Over 100 food items donated to local food bank and they were happy to get them.
We no longer eat foods high in carbohydrates so cleared the house of all sugar and starch.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Brooklyn-the movie One of the best movies I have seen all year

Okay, so it is a chcick-flick, it has a great story. It seems like just like a typical movie until the last 15 minutes when it takes a turn and becomes awesome. I love a movie that has a good story to go along with good acting. Great costumes; great settings; great all around.

Free Quilts at East Tennessee Plant Swap on May 14 at New Harvest Park

   The blue quilt is twin size and browish quilt is queen size. These are made from fabric remnants donated to me by a local furniture store. They will be raffled off for FREE at the next East Tennessee Plant Swap on May 14 to anyone who attends.

Zucchini Fritters Made by My Son---Delicious

   The reason why both my son and I have lost 50 pounds on the Ketogenic Diet is because we can eat delicious food. He made this recipe of zucchini fritters: Grate zucchini, mozerella cheese, egg and oinion flakes. Blot out the water, mix in egg, onion  and cheese. Form into fritters. Fry in lard or Kerrygold butter. Serve with fresh tomato and green onions. Add hot sauce to take over the top. Yummy!!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

More of 100 Things Challenge 763 to 800: then on to 900

763-old commode lid
764-774-old floor tiles don't match current ones
775-780-old batteries
781-800-canned food to food bank

800-900- 100 cans, boxes, bags and bottles of food items
                donated to friend and food bank

Since we are following the Ketogenic Diet we no longer have use for
any food item containing sugar or carbohydrates. We donated tomate ketchup,
dried milk, beans, corn, potatoes, rice, Ramen noodles, peaches, pears and more
to a local food bank. (total of more than 120 items).

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

More 100 Thing Challenge---over 700 items thrown out of my house

It sounds like I had one big mess, but my house was not messy. Most of the items I threw out were in cabinets, drawers, closets and storage shelves. What started on February 14, 2016 as a project of hoping to rid my environment of unwanted items has turned into an obsession. After I saw how easy it was to rid myself of 100 items, I moved forward to 200, then 300, 400 and now as working on 700+.

700-705 dust rags (used then tossed)
706-random piece of wood
707-710-3 wire coat hangers
711-720--9 files of papers from 2014
721-old radio
723-cassette cover
724-727- 3 baskets
728-732-4 items of clothing donated to thrift store
733-734-wire shelves donated
735-736-2 sheets
737-paint brush with dried paint
738-1 toy given as a gift
739-749-3 ring binders
750-754-4 pillows
755-old tablecloth
756-758-3 pasteboard boxes
759-1 piece tile
760-1 trash can
761-l lotion container
762-1 spray bottle

Friday, March 4, 2016

Chevy Van song....wow...and now I own a Chevy van; my, oh, my.

I gave a girl a ride in the wagon
She crawled in and took control
She was tired as her mind was a-draggin
I said get some sleep - and dream of rock and roll

'Cause like a princess she was laying there
Moonlight dancing off her hair
She woke up and took me by the hand
She's gonna love me in my Chevy van
And that's alright with me

Her young face was like that of an angel
Her long legs were tanned and brown
Better keep your eyes on the road son
Better slow this vehicle down

'Cause like a princess she was laying there
Moonlight dancing off her hair
She woke up and took me by the hand
She's gonna love me in my Chevy van
And that's alright with me

I put her out in a town that was so small
You could throw a rock from end to end
A dirt road main street, she walked off in barefeet
It's a shame I won't be passin' through again

'Cause like a princess she was laying there
Moonlight dancing off her hair
She woke up and took me by the hand
We made love in my Chevy van
And that's alright with me

Read more: http://artists.letssingit.com/sammy-johns-lyrics-chevy-van-3l54w22#ixzz41yaepSoP 

Bought a car today---love it---Chevy van

More from 100 Thing Challenge that has developed into 700 Thing Challenge

659--old radio
660-broken hanger
661-667-pasteboard boxes
668-trash can
669-675-parts to a former dryer
676-685-books to a child in the family
686-plastic container
688-cassette case
689-empty jar of shaving cream
690-693-cleaning rags
694-695-pajama bottoms
696-700-old cough drops

YAY--that is 700 items gone from my house