Friday, July 31, 2015

Fun Friday for me this week; time to rest and relax Great movie,

A MUST SEE movie: The Water Diviner with Russell Crowe. A great movie; sad, sad, sad, but great. Takes place in 1919 after World War 1 in Turkey. A farmer from Australia goes to Turkey after the war to find his 3 sons who were killed in the battle of Gallipoli. He plans to bring bodies home to bury near his home. Amazing story; great acting; just a wonderful movie.

Fun Friday--movies and relaxation

If you have not seen the movie Beyond the Reach----you MUST. Michael Douglas plays a villian and just looking at Jeremy Irvine for 90 minutes is a reward. Great movie; best I have seen in a long time.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Steps for the Konmari Method of Decluttering Your Space
(great video in which a young man follows Konmari rules for decluttering his apartment)

Marie says to do it this way:

Declutter in this order:
l. Take everything out of closets and drawers when tidying up.
2. Sort by 3 piles:  Keep  Donate Throw away 
Ask self: Does it spark joy in your mind? If not, toss.
Discard--let go
Arrange in neat fashion by categories
Use these categories in this order:
documents (papers)
miscellaneous items

Konmari Rules for Tidying Up

l. Tidy up as quickly and completely as possible
2. Sort by category.
3. Ask for each item, "Does it spark joy in your life?"

Marie says to let go of any item that you have not used in 3 months. She says to let go of guilt; no need to keep an item because someone gave it to you. She says if you do it right you will never have to clear clutter again.

My own rules for keeping clutter at bay: 
l. If an item comes into my house, an item has to leave the same day.  Bag in; Bag out. This method works great for me.
2. Look around every day and find 2 things to throw in trash or to recycle.

Marie Kondo--Decluttering your closets and home

Marie Kondo is a young Japanese woman who has created a business by going to people's homes and helping them get rid of clutter. Watch the short video and google for more Youtube videos about her method. She also has written a book.  Neat!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Comcast technician who came to my home this week was young black man. He said his parents made him learn to read so he could get a good job.


A statement made by young black man who got educated because his parents demanded that he learn to read. It would make a great bumper sticker.

How much is $100 dollars worth in each state?

$100 has a different value in each state. In Tennessee $100 is worth $110. NY and CA do not fair as well.

Purchased a new flat screen tv with money I earned from selling books I have written. Decided to put the cash towards something I'd enjoy and just for me. Yea!!!

Added 2 TVs to my house this week; am SPOILED rotten

  I've had the tv but not the cable box because I already have 2 boxes in 2 bedrooms, but I found out that adding a box only adds $9 to monthly bill, so I had 2 more added--dining room and living room. I feel spoiled and happy. Really enjoying my retirement.

Good news from the Friends of the Library $217,428 raised this year.

Friday, July 3, 2015