Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pasquale Bettio

From Pasquale Bettio: Famour artist, and Doug's best friend in Los Angeles: "We created so many projects together. World hunger projects, American Communities of Friendship,Los Angles Creative Capital of the World, Sharing Friends of the Arts, Hollywood International,www,, and a number of various projects with the Hollywood Art's Council, Miricale Mile Civic Coalition, connecting Oak Ridge Tennessee, the city,the fire department,city council, the Los Angles Fire Department community projects with Scientology, The Rose Brest Cancer Society Department of Recreation and Parks The Living Museum Of Artography and Assemblage, the Oakridge museum of science exchanging art and a portrait from Emmanuel Snitcouskt of Albert Einstein which stand in the lobby.

As I write this I am realizing I could go on for hours. Please go to www.salute and appreciate the creation of so many sayings that we all use today, EXTRA EFFORT MAKES A DIFFERENCE, THERE'S A WINNER IN YOU to name two. His writings include one hundred motivational poems and several books, hundred of articles, scripts, briefs and he created the Dance Hall Of Fame with noted chorographer Joe Cassini."

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Doug Young--dead at age 63

Douglas Lindley Young, also known as D. Lindley Young, and Doug Young, 63, passed away on Tuesday, December 4 at his home in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He was suffering from throat and neck cancer.

Young was preceded in death by his father Carlo Young, brother, Allen Young, cousin, Dr. Van Vandergriff and wife Judge Maxine Thomas. He is survived by his mother Barbara Mason, of Daytona Beach, FL, son, Scott Young and grandson, Gabriel Young, both of Knoxville, sister and brother-in-law Rob and Tonie Bayman, of Houston, TX, sister Stephanie Wilson of FL, brother Jeffery Young of NC, uncle Fred Young, aunt Ruby Vandergriff, cousins Pat Wrinkle of Knoxville, Becky Loree of Brentwood, Nashville, Jean Blanton, of KY, and friend, Barbara Arfa Slaughter of Florida. Longtime friends from Los Angeles, CA included artist James Pasquale Bettio, choreographer Joseph Cassini, and singers Freda Payne and Sherri Shirelle.
Doug Young grew up in North Knoxville, and graduated from Fulton High School in 1968 where he was a member of the winning football team, a member of Who‘s Who and was awarded honors for leadership. He met his lifelong, best friend, Herb Newton, at Fulton High School. Young attended the University of Tennessee for two years before moving to Los Angeles. He graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles and attended the California College of Law. He passed the bar exam on his first attempt in California and practiced criminal law in Los Angeles for numerous years. Young’s clients included Marvin and Frankie Gaye, Freda Payne, Ike Turner, Sly Stone the former wife of writer Harold Robbins and members of the Billionaire Boys‘ Club. Young moved to Florida due to health reasons, returning to Knoxville to take care of his ailing father.
While living in Los Angeles, Young created the Salute America Organization and The Winner in You Award and organized and hosted an event that was the “largest national day of award giving in history.” Young’s theme was “There is a winner in you.” Young was also one of the founders of the Annual Super Celebrity Event to End World Hunger, organizing and planning the first gala held in Los Angeles in 1983. One of the joys of his life was to see others receive awards for merit and achievement.
In 2003, Young, known on air as Wild Bill Lindley, began the radio show Salute America at Horne Radio Station 850 AM. The show was a political talk show that focused on national and international news, but, also included guests from the local political arena. Doug's son, Scott Young, was the producer, the board was handled by Tracy Meares, and the co-host, who was added September 2007, was Martha Rose Woodward, writer with the Knoxville Journal. He was also founder of the Modern Tribune, an on-line news site.

Due to that show, Young met Renee Wheeler, owner of the Knoxville Journal and Martha Woodward, writer, who would become his dearest friends.

Young’s numerous hobbies included computers, writing, lecturing, reading, politics, studying history, giving awards, hosting radio shows, walking and he was an ardent fan of University of Tennessee sports.
Young was most recently employed by Renee Wheeler of the Knoxville Journal Newspaper as political writer and spokesperson.