Monday, December 26, 2016

Eva likes dress from Martha

Jake and Mary Santa Clausing

Emily knows how to give me a great gift. Fragrance warmer shape of watermelon.

Caleb is perfect host; Emily gives out Mary's canned green beans and pickled okra.

Martha gives box of chocolate covered cherries to everyone and they LOVED it. Emily delivers

More perfect gifts for me from Emily's family (anything to do with watermelon)

Emily's family knows perfect gifts for me

BEST Xmas gift from a good friend, won't say who.

Caleb hard at work in his kitchen and loving it.

Can you believe Mary made this and more?

More Christmas joy...Isn't she a doll?

Emily with shawl given by Barrett; she loves it!!!

Tons of presents under the tree

Had a fabulous Christmas with a house full of people; truly old-fashioned Christmas

Thursday, December 15, 2016

handmade gift I'm taking to a party

  I was invited to attend a group that meets once a week to do crafts. They invited me to their Christmas party. The rules: Bring a handmade gift. Play "Dirty Santa." LOL  This is what I am taking, along with a plate of deviled eggs and some pickles.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas sweater/ skirt/ scarf/ white blouse/black boots---all purchased at KARM Clearance Center

 Thrift shopping for Christmas:
sweater cost $.90; scarf $.50; white blouse $.90; black skirt $.90 and boots $2.50 = $5.70. 
Photo made December 11, 2016

Christmas fashions Martha Woodward and Emily

      Black, all leather vest/see-through skirt gift from Barrett to his sister, Emily; Eva waits for her turn for a photo. Martha's fashions all purchase for less than $6.00. Thrift shopping is SMART shopping.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Aurora II Running with the wolves II Lyrics

Such a beautiful song; Lyrics are true, too.