Wednesday, October 29, 2008

TCU Reagan Day Dinner, October 28, 2008

The Annual Reagan Day Dinner, hosted by the Tennessee Conservative Union, was held on Tuesday, October 28, 2008 in the banquet room of the Crown Plaza Hotel in Downtown, Knoxville.
After a buffet meal which consisted of Southern fried chicken, biscuits, grits, dumplings, mac and cheese, iced tea and banana pudding, the meeting began with a prayer and the pledge.
Lloyd Daughtery, president of TCU took to the microphone to read a letter he had just received from Senator John McCain congratulating him on the annual event.
Next, Daughtery explained that the agenda for the evening was going to include honors to noted Republicans who had passed away and also awards for local individuals.
Former Judge Brenda Wagoner presented a short speech about Criminal Court Clerk, Martha Phillips. "Martha was a good person and an excellent clerk," she said. "She served in the courthouse for sixty-two years, and we miss her greatly."
Sheriff Jimmy Jones was given the responsibility of introducing all former and current office holders and all candidates.
Senator Jesse Helms and William F. Buckley were honored in a short film presented in a power point production provided by Kelvin Moxley and by stories told by Daughtery.
Those receiving awards for their most recent work in upholding conservative principles and in the fight against corruption were: The Libertarian Party of Tennessee, Victoria Defreese, Elaine Davis, Paul Pinkston, Susan Williams, and Congressman Jimmy Duncan. Congressman Duncan's son, John III, was on hand to accept the honor for his father. The young Duncan III, pleased the crowd with a humorous list of 10 Ways You Know You Are an East Tennessee Conservative.
The highest honor of the evening was given to State Representative Bill Dunn who was named the TCU Conservative of the Year.
"We selected Representative Dunn for this award for two reasons," said Daughtery. "His stand against the Pre-K Program when it was determined by testing data that the plan did not work, and his fight for the rights of the unborn."
"I am blessed with a wonderful family," said Representative Dunn. "I wished my wife was here to see this tonight, but as you know we have five children and it is a school night. They say behind every great man is a shocked mother-in-law, and I can't wait to call my wife's mother and tell her about this." Rep. Dunn received a standing ovation.
Another award and standing ovation was given to Kelvin Moxley, who along with Daughtery has often been referred to as "two men and a fax machine." Moxley was given a pocket watch for his twenty-two years of service to the conservative movement. "I thank you," said Moxley, "but usually a person only gets a gold watch when he is retiring. Are you trying to tell me something?"
Daughtery also thanked Keitha Kelley who served as the event planner.
The evening ended with an inspirational film about Ronald Reagan and his home near Santa Barbara. California known as Rancho del Cielo (ranch in the sky).
Each guest was given a colorful 2009 Ronald Reagan Calendar as a memento of the dinner. The calendar not only contains photos of the former president but also some of his famous quotes.
"Live each day to the fullest. Live each day with enthusiasm, optimism and hope. If you do, I am convinced that your contribution to this wonderful experiment we call America will be profound." Reagan 1992

Caption: Representative Bill Dunn, (left photo) and his two guests :"I had a wonderful time. The food was amazing and it has been a honor coming." said David Benton.(center photo) "I had a great time. The food was good but the mac and cheese was the best. I am here to represent Bill Dunn," said Derek A. Hall (right photo)

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Rep. Bill Dunn, Conservatiave of the Year

Tennessee Conservatiave Union Reagan Day Dinner

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McLean Case

I will publish more on this case when I have time...I was there; I saw it all....

McLean Case

Court is like a play; there is a setting and characters. The leading characters for this day were: Erin McLean, Jason Eric McLean, Judge Bill Swann, Attorney for Erin; Brandy Slaybaugh; for Jason--Steve Sharp; for the children--Lisa White.
Slaybaugh fought to keep Erin off the witness stand. She also fought about the very fact that they were in court at all. She said she had no papers which had been filed, and ask the judge why they were there. The other attorney had to wipe egg off his face and get some copies of a motion made and filed with the court clerk; Slaybaugh had a point. Next, the judge said that the last time his court heard about this case was for the divorce, so he wanted to read the divorce and go from there. So, everyone listened while he read the divorce. (He had a point for doing this which would come out later.)
The entire day was like a big sparing match; especially between Slaybaugh and Swann.
After he read the divorce, he began asking them if they had been going by it, and of course, this is where it turned out that Erin had denied Jason Eric the visits of 189 l/2 days per year.
By her lawyer, Erin told the court she left town to save her children from the media. She said she didn't want her boys to be on 20/20. She said she was a good mother who had been "challenging" the boys while in Texas. (even though it was not clear if they had been in school; probably had not been, but she kept saying they were getting an education).

Erin McLean faces the court

I was there....

First, people should realize that real court is very different from what you see on television. For one thing, everything slows down and it all drags on. It is mostly about procedures; papers needing to be filed, who did what on what day, and who is representing who?
Judge Bill Swann did a good job of ferreting out the truth from Erin McLean. She came in with flame orange hair; yeah, a good way to hide--go incognito with flaming orange hair. She seemed smaller than life and it was like she was trying to make herself appear like a victim. She is not that pretty; certainly nothing to get killed over.
Jason Eric looked at her, but she did not look at him. But she was placed on the witness stand in front of him, so he almost had to look at her if he looked forward.
Jamie Saterfield, the reporter for the KNS, who has covered this story in detail was there. She was texting like a speed racer.
Erin has hired a new attorney, a female named Brandy Slaybaugh. You won't read this anywhere else, but Slaybaugh did an outstanding job for her client. She kept her off the witness stand on two different times when the judge was nearly yelling he wanted to talk to her. It took a big maneuver, but Slaybaugh kept her from talking which probably saved her more jail time.

McLean Trial

McLean Trial

As most people know, each day in court, the time for everyone to be there is set at 9 a.m. The judge arrives and begins to call out the cases, and then, tells people when he will hear their case, so people can leave and return. This is what happened for the McLean trial, however, both Erin and Jason Eric sent the judge word they were not ready; had trouble with "transportation and clothing" was the word that was sent by their attorneys. So, if you are famous enough, you just send the judge word, while the rest of us do what we are told.
Jason Eric entered and he was shaking; He gives the appearance of someone who is about to have a breakdown. He is painfully thin, but his mother is very thin, so, it must be genetics. He is handsome and could easily be seen as a band director which is what he says he wants to be. He is a head taller than most people in the room. He took a seat and faced the front and each time he so much as turned his head to the side, the cameras began to click. Made me feel very sorry for him.
Although it was not Bruce Poston's case, he came in and sat with Jason Eric for a few mintues and that seemed to calm him down.
There were at least 7 video cameras goind and several digital cameras, including mine. It was sad. I felt like I was looking into a window into their private life, and it seemed terribly sad.

McLean Trail

McLean Trial

Sunsphere Book

Ashley Danzey

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sew On and Sew On

Ashley Danzey has a new blog Sew On and Sew On. You can read it at

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Publication Date Announced

Dear Martha,

We are planning to have your book, Knoxville's 1982 World's Fair, on sale on Monday, February 16, 2009. I wanted to give you this advance warning so that, if at all possible, you could ensure you have some time to fit in any media interviews, book signings, or other events that will surround the publication of your book. At this stage neither I, nor your publicist, have made any firm plans but we’ll be in touch with you nearer to publication to talk about specifics.

This date has not been publicized to any online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) nor have we shared it with local retailers. We’ll be doing all of this a little closer to publication.

I very much look forward to working with you on the sale of your book. I’m also sending you a letter with this news just in case this email does not reach you.



Lindsay Bennison
Regional Sales Manager
Arcadia Publishing Inc.
420 Wando Park Blvd
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
Phone: (843) 853-2070 extension 359
Fax: (843) 853-0044

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