Monday, December 28, 2015

Best Find in Thrift Shopping this Week

  I noticed these 55 blue scarves priced at $.29 cents each. I asked the manager what he would take for all of them. He said he would take $4...55 x .29= $15.95 a savings of $11.95, but the scarves would have been $2 each in a retail store, so I saved much more. I plan to make at least 2 quilts.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

My novel is COMING SOON!!!

    Finally settled on the photo for the cover. My publishers supplied me with this one and I love it. It truly depicts the mystery around the lead character. Expect to see The Diary of Rosalee Gibbs soon. It has gone through two edits. The third edit is underway this week. It is almost impossible to publish a 100% correct book. There always seems to be one or two pesky mistakes that pop up without being noticed. It is like a fact for the publishing world. Oh well, nothing terrible, just a the that should be they, etc. I can live with it.


Car full of FREE notebooks thanks to

  When I saw an ad on for free binders, I knew I had to try and get them. I could not make it the first day due to heavy rain, but did go the second day. They had tons of them left to give away. Other teachers were there taking advantage of the great opportunity. Once I picked out the notebooks I wanted, the very kind men working for the moving company loaded them for me. They also gave me 15 reams of new white paper--size 8 x 14. All of these free materials are going straight to an inner city school for the children to take home and use for creative projects. We forget that many children never get art or writing supplies to use at home.
Whoopee!! for free. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Greg Lambert Was Saved by His Gun by M. Woodward

Former Knox County Commission Greg Lambert urges citizens to listen to how his life was saved by his gun before agreeing to let the government take yours.
Lambert said when he passes a cemetery he remembers how close he came to death on November 11, 2004.

Lambert posted these comments on Facebook.  "I can't believe it has been nine years already! Nine years ago today on a rainy Saturday a deranged kid came to my car lot shopping for a car. When it came time to pay, he pulled a pistol. I pulled mine, and, fortunately, after a brief conversation, he put his down. Later, he was charged with murder for killing David Lindsey, a truck driver at Walgreen's about 12 hours before he showed up at my place. He told detectives his plan was to kidnap me, take me to a field and execute me so that I could not identify him.
I celebrate this day every year as my second birthday because, were it not for my gun, firearms training and carry permit, I would probably have died that day. I also use this day to encourage the people I care about to get a gun, some training, and a carry permit.
It is a dangerous world out there and the last nine years of my life I owe to my decision to be ready for the dangers."
Lambert said during that conversation  with the murderer he remembers so well,  he said to the young man, "You do not want to do this. If you pull that trigger, I'll pull mine and the folks who respond will find two dead men here. Is that what you want?"  When faced with his own death, the man backed down and fled. He was later chased down, eventually stood trial, found guilty and is in prison.

After completing one term on the county commission, Lambert went to work as a bailiff for Magistrate, Brenda Lindsay-McDaniel. He closed his car lot, got married and says he enjoys life to its  fullest—a life he would not have had if not for his gun.

Bob Arnold's Book Coming Soon--SAMPLE of what's to come

Bob Arnold has to be the #1 University of Tennessee football fan alive. He has collected U.T. items since he was six years old. Over the years, he has kept a diary of his experiences at the games. He most recently turned his thoughts into a manuscript that will soon be a book ready to sell. "Through Orange Colored Glasses: Memories of a Big Orange Fan," discusses the coaches, the big games and the players while providing Bob's emotional reactions to all of them. COMING SOON!!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Magic of Terry Evanswood. One of the Top Things to Do in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Victoria Osborne visited Terry Evanswood's display of magic in Pigeon Forge, TN

From Wikipedia: Terry Evanswood is a Merlin Award winning professional magician who has appeared in live stage shows and on television throughout the United States as well as on international stages. He has performed professionally since the age of ten.[1] Early in his career, Evanswood was awarded an entertainment scholarship to attend the Chavez College of Magic. In 1991, Evanswood became the youngest illusionist in history to perform at Hollywood's famed Magic Castle.[2]Evanswood was presented with the Certificate of Excellence award, which was the first and only honor given by theAmerican Museum of Magic.
Evanswood is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians having been endorsed by David Copperfield and Harry Blackstone, Jr.. He is a lifetime member of the International Magicians Society (IMS).
Evanswood has starred in review shows around the world including "Rio Ecstasy" in Cancún, Mexico; "Stars of Magic" inSarnia; "Fabulous Miami" in Miami Beach, Florida and "Grand Illusion" at the American Hotel and Casino in Aruba. Recently, Evanswood has been touring Alaska as onboard entertainment for several cruise lines. Recently, he had his own theater show called Magic Beyond Belief in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, which closed in late December 2010. Currently, he performs just down the road from the Magic Beyond Belief building at WonderWorks in a show called "The Wonders of Magic."[3]
The Evanswood show is ranked as one of the top "Things to do" in Pigeon Forge by TripAdvisor

Friday, November 27, 2015

Thrift Shopping and a Rummage Sale for Black Friday

I had a fun day today. I started off going to an address I found on www. craigslist that was giving away several items. I was able to get two sweaters, a bulletin board, a pot holder, a scarf and a skirt. 

              While I was out driving, I spotted a Rummage Sale and was able to find a basket of ink pens and pencils for $2, and an antique egg plate for $2. As crazy as my family is about Deviled Eggs, I collect egg plates.
Good Will was having a 50% off sale from 1 to 5 and I found a "basket weave" box, two storage boxes for books, two pairs of black pants, a radio and I had great fun. 
My Black Friday was stress free.
Since I have a rule that when something comes in this house, the same amount has to go out, I have to get busy and begin to fill some bags.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Over FREE 200 books delivered to Maynard Elementary School's 4th graders

Books were donated by Dale Honeycutt, Sid Gwyn and myself. I sewed 26 bags and filled them with books, catalogues, photos and calendars and donated to 24 students and 2 teachers at Maynard Elementary School on Friday, November 21, 2015. Students learn to read better when they own books. The books become the property of the children and are to be taken home.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Chris Tay and Arthur Lim Listen to a Presentation at Pinnacle Bank

Arthur Lim and Chris Tay Visit from Malaysia

                                      Malaysian Developers Visit Smokey Mountains Area
                                                            by Martha Rose Woodward

  Malaysian developers, Arthur Lim and Chris Tay were recently awarded a contract by the Chinese government to build a Dollywood-Disney-like theme park in Melaka, Malaysia. They arrived in Knoxville on Monday, November 2 after a 20 hour flight. They were here on a fact-finding tour and to hear a presentation from iCAD on conceptual layouts and specs, animation, 2-D and 3-D designs and sculptures given by Dr. Brad Coriell and Phillip Lim, partners in iCAD or International Concepts and Design.
   They visited Dollywood and Dixie Stampede as a part of their tour as well as numerous other sites of interest in this area. “We will be developing 140 acres,” said Tay. “We need many good ideas for entertainment, housing, parking and restaurants.”
   Although Pinnacle Bank is not involved in the project Senior Vice president, Jeremy R. Cook,
graciously provided assistance with use of their roomy conference room.
   Dr. Brad Coriell presented his design ideas for a family oriented complex to be included in the park. He is one of the team of five who worked with Lake City to successfully change the name to Rocky Top. Coriell's art work can be found in the Kennedy, Lincoln, Taft and Reagan Presidential Libraries, in the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. as well as museums and buildings around the world. Coriell, who has worked for Universal Studios and Warner Brothers, was a long-time employee of Disney. He is one of sixty Disney Imagineers in the world.
   Malaysian developer Arthur Lim, who is Managing Director for Infinity International, says he plans to remain in Knoxville to visit with his brothers Phillip, Jimmy and David for a month. Chris Tay will return to Malaysia where he is Chief Operating Officer for Alstro, an industrial design company. Entrepreneur Phillip Lim is owner of two local restaurants Asia Cafe North at 6714-B North Central Pike and Asia Cafe West at 8111 Gleason Road in Knoxville. Lim says he has numerous customers from both Seymour and South Knoxville who drive across town for the flavors of authentic Asian food
   Tay says Melaka, Malaysia has become the “New Silk Road” known as “One Belt: One Road,” meaning it is a coastal city that provides a gateway for Chinese trade around the world. 

Liquidation in South Knoxville---fun shopping this week

I had such fun this week shopping at a liquidation sale with seller, Dale Honeycutt. I bought 90 packages of notebook paper for 5 cents per pack--a usual $2 deal. We have a family member who is in school. She will never need notebook paper again.

I also bought various items I will use in my kitchen like measuring cups, bowls and random dishes. 
Mr. Honeycutt gave me over 40 books I have donated to a local school. He also gave me 35 spools of thread.
I had such fun looking at the variety of items that came from five buildings owned by a hoarded who died.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Malaysian Developers and Visitors from Atlanta meet with ICAD

Gary Pernice (Atlanta) Chris Tay (Malaysia) Phillip Lim, Arthur Lim (Malaysia) Brad Coriell (artist) B. Castanalos (Atlanta)

Area Restaurants OPEN for Thanksgiving

                     Area Restaurants Gear Up for Busy Thanksgiving Day
                                                      By Martha Rose Woodward
  As the country’s second favorite holiday approaches, not only are families making plans, area restaurants are gearing up for what has become a huge day. With as many as 50 million Americans planning to travel for the holiday, eating out is gaining in popularity.
   Of the 165 restaurants in this area, some that WILL BE OPEN on Thanksgiving Day are: All area Waffle Houses, TGI Friday's, Applebee's, No Way Jose's Cantina; Reagan's House of Pancakes, Bennett's Pit Bar-B-Q, Paula Deen's Family Kitchen, Golden Corral, Margaritaville, Old Mill, Mama's Farm House, J.T. Hannah's Kitchen, Iron Boar Saloon, Hard Rock Cafe, Geno's Pizza, Alamo Steakhouse, Holston's Kitchen, Steak 'N Shake, Smokey Mountain Brewery, Calhoun's, Big Daddy's Pizza, , all area Shoney's, all area Cracker Barrels, Applewood Farmhouse and Gondolier Italian.
(If your restaurant was left off this list, please contact me at Sunspherebook@ and I will post your information in a future edition.)
   Shoney’s Chairman and CEO David Davoudpour invited everyone to his restaurant again this year for Thanksgiving. “It’s one of our team members’ favorite days as they get to serve delicious food with warm, southern-style hospitality to our valued guests. And yes, we’ll do the dishes too,” he said.
  A manager for Margaritaville said they will serve their regular menu. Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen will only be open between 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m., Applewood Farmhouse says to expect a waiting time of between one and one half hours. Customers may sign in and take a number and return when seats are open.
  District Manager for Waffle House, Tyler Hough, said, “We are open 24/7; 365 days a year. Hope you will join us.”

   According to the National Restaurant Association, approximately 15 to 20 million people will choose to eat out rather than stay home and cook. Between 45 to 50 million turkeys will be eaten by 88% of Americans. 

Malaysian Developers Like What They See in Knoxville area

Chris Tay (in glasses) and Arthur Lim listen to presentation from artist, Brad Coriell, with ideas for a theme park to be built in Malaysia.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Malaysia has become the New Silk Road; One Road: One Belt

Arthur Lim, Phillip Lim, Gary Pernice, Jeremy Cook and Chris Tay 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Malaysian Developers Visit Knoxville

Entrepreneur Phillip Lim, owner of two popular, local restaurants, Asia Cafe North on North Central Pike and Asia Cafe West on Gleason Road, recently formed a partnership with world-renowned artist Dr. Brad Coriell. The new company is known as International Concepts and Design or iCAD. Their goal is themed environment applications and productions.

For one of their first projects, the businessmen are meeting with a group of Malaysian developers who are seeking to secure a deal for a 140 acre, multi-plex, mixed development theme park to be built in Melaka, Malaysia. The Chinese government is providing financing for the venture.

The Malaysians, who are also planning to visit New York City and to meet with other investors from Atlanta, Georgia while in the USA, arrived on Monday after a 20 hour flight to Knoxville.

Lim Boon (Arthur) Chuan, brother to Phillip Lim and Marivic Leoncito (Chris) Jopio are set to hear a presentation from iCAD on conceptual layouts and specs, animation, 2-D and 3-D designs and sculptures given by Coriell. Pinnacle Bank is not involved in the project but graciously offered their roomy conference room as space for the presentations. Senior Vice president, Jeremy R. Cook, provided assistance.

Chris Jopio Tay
Dr. Brad Coriell is one of the team of five who worked with Lake City to successfully change the name to Rocky Top. Coriell's art work can be found in the Kennedy, Lincoln, Taft and Reagan Presidential Libraries, in the Supreme Court as well as museums and buildings around the world. Coriell, who has worked for Universal Studios and Warner Brothers was a long-time employee of Disney. He is one of sixty Disney Imagineers in the world.
Arthur Lim (center)

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Louise and Phillip Lim watching as new restaurant takes shape.

Phillip and Louise Lim, owners of Asia Café North and West, have been thrilled to watch their creative concepts for a new 12,000 square foot restaurant on Callahan Road take shape.
Overwhelming success at their current location at 6714 B Central Avenue Pike meant they had to look elsewhere for more square footage. When nothing suitable could be found, they decided to build a new structure about two blocks away from their current location.
The new restaurant will include ample, multi-level dining room space, hibachi, sushi, karaoke, two bars, and dance floor as well as a supervised play room for kids.
“It is important that parents enjoy dinner and dancing while children are safe and busy with active playtime,” said Lim.
Lim, originally from Malaysia, and wife, Louise, who grew up in the Philippines, credit the work ethic they were taught by their families for their success.
“Asia Café  provides authentic tastes from 6 cultures: Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese Grill and sushi,” Lim said.
The Lims expect the new building to be completed by next April or May.                                          

“We are hoping for a grand opening in the spring, provided we have good weather,” said Lim.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

My house today, October 17, 2015: notice the canna in the front yard; all free from East Tennessee Plant Swap

  My front yard makes me so happy. I love the lushness of the canna (the big green plants growing in front of the fence) and cane. We lost most of our lilies and iris last year due to freezing temperatures (down to minus 8). We added the fence this year so the dogs can run in the front yard while we are on the porch. We use the porch like a den. We had three huge tomato plants in the yard---can't see in this photo. We grew so many tomatoes we had them to give away to anyone who visited.
  Most of the plants are free because we attend the East Tennessee Plant Swap 2 times each year. You can check out their web site and learn more about the swap. Generally, you take items to swap and trade for free plants or seeds or magazines, etc. No money ever exchanges hands. We always have a potluck luncheon and have made dear friends over the years.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Something Spooky at the Sunsphere

Just in time for Halloween, my sweet book about the ghosts at the Sunsphere in Knoxville, Tennessee. Buy a copy at or call or write to me. 8 6 5  9 5 1  0 3 19
  I am available to visit your school or organization and read the book to chidren, who LOVE IT!!!

Friday, October 9, 2015

1982 World's Fair by Martha Rose Woodward----just got word this book is selling at a good pace

The World’s Fair was held in 1982 for 184 days from May 1, until the wee hours of the morning, Halloween, October 31. It has been called One Big Party. Reports at the time referred to when “The World Came to Knoxville”. It was defined an official international exposition, fully licensed and sanctioned by the Bureau des Expositions Internationales in Paris, France. It was the first fair held in the southeastern United States in 97 years, and it turned out to be the next to last fair held, with the fair held in New Orleans in 1984 being the last one. The Fair was open daily from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. with the amusement area often staying open until 1 a.m. Tickets cost $9.95 for adults (12 to 54) $9.25 for seniors (55 and over) $8.25 for children (4-11), and free to children 3 and under. There were special discounts given to groups. Season passes and 2 day tickets were sold as well. The Fair was located on 72 acres between the campus of the University of Tennessee and the Tennessee River. It was bordered by Western Avenue, Henley Street, Neyland Drive, and 11th Street. A committee named KIEE was formed in 1974 by Mayor Kyle Testerman. This group of businessmen was to serve as an advisory board and was given the task of exploring the ideas of bringing an International Exposition to Knoxville.

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Truth About Sugar----your government has lied to you...

Don't ask what food item in your grocery store has sugar, ask what food item does NOT have sugar.

Your government has sold you out to big business.

One cola can has 9 teaspoons of sugar in it. Sugar is even in spaghetti sauce.

Please watch; enough to make you sick.

Friday, September 25, 2015

CH Butcher's parole document--February 3, 1993

After the passing of Sandra Lea, several boxes of documents were given to family and friends to share. This document was found in those boxes. Did CH serve enough jail time for the millions that he robbed from customers of the banks he and Jake ran into the dirt? I think not. 

FROM NEWS SENTINEL: "KNOXVILLE, Tenn., May 1— C. H. Butcher Jr., who was jailed for fraud after his regional banking empire collapsed in the 1980's, died Tuesday at a Georgia hospital. He was 62. Mr. Butcher was hospitalized after falling down the steps at his home in Canton, Ga., earlier in the day,according to The Knoxville News-Sentinel. Mr. Butcher, former chairman of Southern Industrial Bank, and his brother Jake, together operated 27 banks in Tennessee and Kentucky, once valued at $3 billion. The banks collapsed in 1983 under the weight of unsecured loans and paper corporations loaded with debt." CH was known to use cocaine and many think he was on the drug when he fell.         

Orange and White Quilt I made

                      I take orders for these quilts. Price varies according to size: begins at $125.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Whirlwind: the Butcher Banking Scandal by Sandra Lea (now deceased)

The true story of brothers, Jake and C.H. Butcher Jr., who rose from the poor rural countryside of Union County in the mountains of East Tennessee, to become masters of a multi-billion dollar banking empire.
Their lives of wealth and the power it bought created a whirlwind of greed and lavish spending rarely seen in today's world.
At the height of Jake Butcher's reign as chairman of the Knoxville's World's Fair, the house of Butcher fell like a house of cards, culminating in the third largest banking failure in our nation's history.
Hundreds of individuals and institutions were ruined in the Butcher debacle fanning a dismal decade of suicides and destruction, along with prison terms for the Butcher brothers and their associates.
Now, released from federal prison and under a sentence of bankruptcy for life, the brothers are "Back on top again," mastering million dollar deals and billion dollar dreams on borrowed money and borrowed time.

The copies I have for sale are signed by Jesse Barr; he was Jake's right hand man and provided the records for Sandra to review. 

Whirlwind: the Butcher Banking Scandal by Sandra Lea

   Sandra Lea was a dear friend of mine. She passed away in January of this year. In her will, she left a few of her closest friends several copies of her landmark book, Whirlwind: the Butcher Banking Scandal--a history book about a banking scandal that happened in this area in the late 70s early 80s.  After giving away several of them, I posted on E-bay and have been selling them like hot cakes to hungry lumberjacks.
  If you want to buy a copy, please let me know at Sunsphere  book @  . The price is $35 plus shipping of around $6. The book has over 800 pages and several photographs. 
You may go to www. amazon  .com and read reviews and get more info.
   There will never be any more of this book, so its value goes up each day. Many bookstore owners are buying copies to sell now and in the future. 
The copies I am selling are signed by Jesse Barr, who was heavily involved in the scandal. He served time in prison as did Jake Butcher.