Monday, August 27, 2012

Go see this movie

2016 Obama's America--Movie Review

"2016: Obama's America" is based on Indian-American conservative author Dinesh D'Souza's book, "The Roots of Obama's Rage." D'Souza also co-directed with John Sullivan, and narrates the majority of the film. Dinesh shows that Obama harbors a deep-seated animosity toward the West as a result of his forefather’s rebellion against British rule in their native Kenya. Obama, who had a bust of Winston Churchill removed from the Oval Office when he first settled in, operates with a “Kenyan, anti-colonial” worldview.

What does that mean? It means that Obama wants to see the USA pay for being the richest country in the world. He believes the USA got the wealth by taking it away from people of color around the world--this is the anti-colonial belief system that drives his plans and decisions.

The poster for the film shows a profile of President Obama cast against a hazy gray fog with the tag line, "Love Him, Hate Him, You Don't Know Him."

Box office buzz around the movie has shocked many pundits, who didn’t see it coming. So entrenched are the liberal media to helping Obama’s 2012 campaign, many did not expect any push back from Romney supporters.

However, the documentary was released in a limited number of theaters over the last few days and became such a sudden hit that its release was expanded to over 1,200 theaters. It will earn a total of $9 million for the weekend, leaving the liberal leaning press with no real answers as to how so many voters could be interested in learning more about the background of a man who they really do not know.

Dinesh takes Obama’s own words and shows the development of Obama’s world view according to Obama’s training in his youth in Indonesia and from his grandfather who was a known communist and his communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis.

The first half of the film delves into how Obama came to his world view which is something most Americans would never vote for if they truly understood what the man is after. The second half of the film uncovers and lays bear Obama’s real plans for America. When he says he wants to change America, what he is talking about is something most of us can conceive.

If you are planning to vote for Obama, you truly do need to go see this movie. According to Dinesh, from Obama’s own words and his writings and actions we have already seen, if he wins a second term Obama will take America to her knees. l. Obama plans to order the destruction of most of the USA’s nuclear arsenal. We had 5,000 warheads when Obama took office; we now have 1,500. During a trip to the USSR, Obama promised to reduce the number of warheads owned by the USA to 300, thus taking America’s warheads below the level of China, the USSR, and several other countries. Obama wants the USA to see how it feels to release the status of superpower. 2. Obama plans to keep spending in order to cause the USA’s financial markets to collapse. He believes that the USA is full of white families (Duponts, Carneige, Vanderbilt, Gates) who got their wealth by taking it away from people of color from around the world as seen in movies like the one about blood diamonds, for instance. Obama wants the USA to pay for what he sees as exploitation. 3. Obama has already made NASA an “outreach program for the Muslim world.” Obama wants the Muslim world to have the opportunity to get in the space race. He wants American space superiority ended. He drastically cut all NASA’s programs and there will be no more voyages to Mars to back to the moon. 4. Obama wants higher taxes and plans for tax rates to go up to 100%. How could this happen? He has already set in place the idea of raising taxes on the top 1%; he gets to decide who these people are and how high to raise their taxes. Once he gets the tax rates somewhat higher, people will begin losing their homes and businesses. He will step in and seize their properties and, thus, the government owns what was private property and businesses, and he can become the dictator.

Two things happened during the viewing of this movie that I attended on Sunday that are rare. First, while the movie was playing, a scene came on showing Nancy Pelosi. Someone in the audience yelled, “Moron,” and everyone clapped and cheered. Second, the movie got a standing ovation.

On my way out the door, I was shaking so fiercely that I could barely get my key in the door of my car in order to unlock it. A man and his wife passed me and she said, “God help us,” and her husband said, “I am not sure even God can help us now.”

The voters who voted for Obama were tricked. Will they look at reality--high unemployment, higher gas prices, 40% loss of value in homes, unrest, divisions between rich/poor, and more? Hopefully, people will look behind the mask and see the man who is totally evil.

caption: Love Him, Hate Him, You Don't Know Him, is the caption for the new movie detailing Obama's world view.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm learning to speak/write Spanish.

There is absolutely no reason why any person who has a computer does not learn a new language. I became convinced that I need to learn how to speak Spanish while doing an interview at a local farm. I met three men from Mexico and wanted so much to learn from them, but I only knew a few words of Spanish and they only knew a few words of English.

I have been taking lessons using and it is awesome. I also have a friend who wanted to learn, so we do the work on line and call each other and practice. I also practice on anyone I see out in the world who looks Mexican. I have been pleased with how much I have learned in a short time frame.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

From Bill Larson in the Kiwanis Club Newsletter

UPCOMING PROGRAMS For Northside Kiwanis Club:
Aug. 15, Birke Baehr, author of a new book titled "Birke on the Farm". He was with us a year or so ago and he was glad to come back and push his new book. It's the story of a boy's search for "real food." See
On Aug. 22, Lena Sadiwsky from WVLT will speak on the local news scene.
On Aug. 29, Kim Bumpas from VisitKnoxville will be our speaker.

Martha Rose Woodward has been exceptionally helpful in getting speakers for our programs recently. She knows (nearly) everybody in town and has the wonderful secret to getting them to say "yes" to come speak at Northside. When you see her, please say "thanks."