Thursday, February 25, 2016

622 Things Thrown Out and Counting

622-used cd
623-papers from purse
624-broken salt shaker
625-packing plastic
626-empty plastic bottle from purse
627-1 cup
628-two small boxes
629-639-10 books to child
640-handful of old papers
641-another old notebook
642-broken coffee pot
643-1 jar of tea
644-1 pair old sunglasses
645-bags of out-of-date almonds
646-650-more lids that do not match anything
651-652-two out-of-date credit cards
653-1 old battery
654- 1 small trash can (broken on bottom)
655-656-2 dry ink pens
657-handful of change from purse (given to child in family)
658-one day planner from 2004
   to be continued

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