Friday, February 19, 2016

100 Things Challenge Turns Into 200 Things and More

Yesterday I posted #1 - #68 of my 2nd round of ridding my house of 100 things I do not need. Today I am finishing out the 100 to make it 200 things that I have thrown out, donated to a thrift store or given to a needy person.
   #69-74--15 pieces of fabric used to sew pads to donate to area animal shelter for dogs and puppies to use as rugs. #75-a jar of old make-up. #76-poured part of a jar of spice into jar of same spice and threw out one jar. #77-1 stool. #78-1 package of photo paper cannot use. #79-86-7 Christmas dessert plates. #87-1 vase. #88-handful of random papers from a storage box. #89-1 pair of broken glasses. #90-1 baking pan. #91-1 nearly empty jar of mustard from frig. #92-93-2 pieces of scrap wood. #94-20 more plastic bags donated to thrift store. #95-96-2 books with torn covers. #97-1 spool thread chew up by dog. #98-old pair of socks. #99-100-2 plastic storage containers.
YAY--a total of 200 items gone from my house.
   I challenge everyone to set up your own 100 Things Challenge. I have learned that I need to purge my house more often. Although I keep items stored away in drawers and closets, things obviously pile up and need to be thrown out.
  Do I dare go for 300? I think I will. For one thing I'm going to spend some time sewing more nap pads to donate to the local animal shelter. They are always so grateful and the puppies and dog need something warm to lie on when they are taking naps. I typically make purses or quilts, but I think I'll use the fabric for the doggies this time.

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