Saturday, February 20, 2016

100 Things Challenge Led Me to Clear 500 Items From My House

What started as a challenge to rid my house of 100 unwanted items this week led me to, eventually, get rid of 500 items. Oddly, my house does not look that much different as the items were tucked away in drawers, closets, cabinets and shelves. However, I feel GREAT!!!
  Read on and you will learn the kinds of things I cleared. Many were the kinds of things that seem to reproduce and many were items that I donated to area thrift stores.
  One thing that has made me feel even better is that by sharing my challenge with others, I have heard that several people are taking the challenge and clearing items from their houses, too. One lady told me her husband had been telling her for years she needed to throw away three fourths of her make-up and shoes. She said he was overjoyed that she took the challenge. Another lady told me that once she got started she found more and more to toss out.
  Clearing clutter from your house does become an obsession. I walk through each room asking what more can I toss out.
  I am considering my next 100 Things Challenge. I may take a pledge to reduce each room to less than 100 items. If not all rooms, maybe just one or two. Can I do this? I wonder. I can easily see how I could reduce the items in my bathrooms to under 100 Things, but not sure about my bedroom. The kitchen would be the hardest to reduce to 100 Things. We own so many gadgets and gizmos for different tasks, but we could move more things to the pantry.
  Will you take the 100 Things Challenge? OR, better still, make one up for your life and let me know what you do.  Sun sphere book @  (no spaces/

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