Saturday, October 17, 2015

My house today, October 17, 2015: notice the canna in the front yard; all free from East Tennessee Plant Swap

  My front yard makes me so happy. I love the lushness of the canna (the big green plants growing in front of the fence) and cane. We lost most of our lilies and iris last year due to freezing temperatures (down to minus 8). We added the fence this year so the dogs can run in the front yard while we are on the porch. We use the porch like a den. We had three huge tomato plants in the yard---can't see in this photo. We grew so many tomatoes we had them to give away to anyone who visited.
  Most of the plants are free because we attend the East Tennessee Plant Swap 2 times each year. You can check out their web site and learn more about the swap. Generally, you take items to swap and trade for free plants or seeds or magazines, etc. No money ever exchanges hands. We always have a potluck luncheon and have made dear friends over the years.

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