Saturday, January 30, 2016

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Is award winning, aging female reporter, Rosalee Gibbs, from Knoxville, Tennessee, one of the best writers to ever work for the Knoxville Times Newspaper or is she a serial killer? When a young attorney, who believes he has a score to settle with the arrogant reporter, finds a way to seek and indictment for events from her past, the 66 year old finds that her behavior may have come back to haunt her. She finds herself thrown into jail accused of murdering a college professor and his wife by shoving them over the stair rails in a three story building. While Rosalee sits in jail, a college student, Tiffany Mashburn, is kidnapped by a sexual sadist, Frank Ubel, and his sidekick, Ethel, a woman with limited mental abilities. What information does Rosalee hold that could free Tiffany? With nothing to do but think, Rosalee begins making mental entries into her diary about her life from the time she decided to become a writer until present. Her retelling of the cases she covered over her thirty-five year career will keep the reader turning pages way into the night. The murder of Penny Parker, the supposed suicide of the wealthy heiress, Marcy O'Shea, football players and snake handlers, a serial killer who finds his victims at Narcotics Anonymous Meetings, a husband who may be running around on her, and her possible involvement in the deaths of her own mother, her step-father, her college professor and his wife, and others, read like articles straight off the front page of any major newspaper or magazine. Will the youthful attorney finally be able to win a conviction against Rosalee and make her face her past? Will Tiffany be saved or will the young woman face the fact that the Calvary is not coming, she will have to save herself?

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