Friday, January 29, 2016

Thrift store's latest fashions---always have fun buying new clothes for a few dollars

A lady at the beauty shop told me about a clearance center where you can buy as many items as you can stuff into a huge bag for $10. The 3 items I am wearing cost 25 cents each----that's right. My entire outfit cost 75 cents. My shoes were $2. Total spent on outfit $2.75. 
I have more fashions to wear as I was able to fill the bag with 40 items. Some of the other items were sheets, a robe and scarves. 
I also purchased a bed spread and 2 shams for $4. I looked it up on-line when I got home as it came from Penney's at a price of $99. Savings of $95. 
There is a secret that all of us who often shop thrift shops know: Many of the items for sale in a thrift shop are NEW. The jacket in this photo still had the tag on it at $19.99. The shoes had no wear on the soles. 

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