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Phillip Lim Releases Biography February 15, 2013


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2-16-13 Knoxville-Phillip Boon Lim, owner of the Asia Café Inc located at 6714 B Central Avenue Pike, Knoxville TN 37912 has announced the release of a book he co-wrote with local historian and writer, Martha Rose Woodward.

Lim’s autobiography, Escape to Riches, details the lives of his Malaysian-Chinese family. The story begins in 1899 with his great-grandfather, Lim Lian Keng, who escaped the brutal Chinese communist dictatorship by boarding a sampan-a small fishing boat-with 15 other men. The boat headed towards Malaysia, landing 60 days later in Melaka. Of the 16 who began the journey, only 6 survived dehydration and starvation. Lim’s great-grandfather and his son, Lim Sian Soon, were two among the survivors.

Great-grandfather and his son hired on as rubber tappers extracting latex from trees in rubber forests. Within 10 years, by shear determination, brilliance and awareness as a businessman, Lim Keng and son purchased a rubber processing factory for latex and became millionaires.

Lim writes,“ This is my story; the story of an international businessman firmly grounded in American soil, whose roots are buried deeply in the darkness of Communist China and poverty, and whose branches bear the fruit of both love of family and fabulous riches.

My name is Phillip. A man who was raised in great wealth, but one who did not know the value of money. It became necessary for my family to send me away from the safety of comfortable nest to fly into the world. I had to determine how to capture my own character and discover my abilities. I had to learn how to build my own nest.”

Chapters in the book include:

My story begins…

Regular Guy Has Big Life

Survival Skills Are Tested

Great-grandfather’s journey

Melaka, Malaysia

Grandfather, grandmother, father and mother

I Accept the Mantle of Lim Keng

Rich Kids Grow Up: Early Schooling

High School Years

Godfather, Mr. R R Chelvrajah

College Years in Australia

Coming to America

 Sarah Shicks

Malaysian Custom of First Born Male Child


Melaka No Place for Desiree

Good News! Reunited With Kids

How I Met Phillip: Louise Bacariza Speaks

Interviews With Family Members

The Night of the Long Gun

Recovery and Justice

Asia Café is Born

My Future is Bright
Escape to Riches is a book you cannot put down.

Available on line from www; www and from www. OR at both locations of Asia Café: Asia Café Inc; 6714-B Central Avenue Pike Knoxville Tennessee 37912 (www. ) in North Knoxville or Asia Café West Inc; 8111 Gleason Drive Knoxville Tennessee 37919 ( www. ) in West Knoxville. OR phone 865 951 0319 to arrange for autographed copies.


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