Sunday, January 20, 2013

Goodwill Tour: Paying it Forward by Keith Maginn

Keith Maginn’s second book, "Goodwilll Tour: Paying it Forward," was published this week at It is a travelogue detailing Maginn's philanthropic experiment in the USA’s Southeast.
According to Maginn, “In mid-July of 2011, myself and my friend, Emily, set off from Cincinnati, Ohio, on a 3,000-mile road-trip through several southeastern states. We stopped in Memphis, New Orleans, Savannah, Charleston, Asheville and smaller towns in between. What makes our trip unique—and my second book fresh—is that sightseeing was not our sole purpose. We were determined to spread kindness as we worked to make a difference in the lives of others along the way.
As a part of our good will, we gave our own money to hand-picked strangers, who then had to pay the money forward to someone else.”
From Beale Street to Bourbon Street and Graceland to the Biltmore Estate, from feeding the needy in downtown Charleston to brainstorming ideas with a female Buddhist monk to help abused teens and high school dropouts in North Carolina, readers experience these life-altering events, and contemplate how people changed as a result. Their pay-it-forward mission will touch and inspire readers to take the trip that they have always dreamed of or to have a positive effect in the life of a loved one, an acquaintance, or even a complete stranger.
Keith Maginn was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, the youngest of four kids. He attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, as an Evans Scholar. After earning a Bachelor's degree in Sociology, Keith relocated to Knoxville, Tennessee, to work for AmeriCorps (a service organization like the Peace Corps, but within the United States) and for Knoxville Habitat for Humanity.

Keith recently moved back to Cincinnati after living nearly ten years in Tennessee. He likes to be around family and friends and has eight nieces and nephews that he adores. He loves playing and watching many sports and also enjoys live music, writing, meditation, yoga and reading.
In February 2011, Keith self-published an inspiring self-help memoir, “Turning This Thing Around” (available in paperback and e-book on or at He feels writing is his life's purpose and that he has a message to share that will help others. He hopes “Goodwill Tour” is one of many more to come.

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