Saturday, September 17, 2016

Written by Linda Sandlin, my cousin by marriage.  I visited my former school mate, Mike, and his wife, Linda today. She gave me the 5 pound weight I am holding to help me celebrate my anniversary of one year using the Keto Food Plan and losing 73 pounds. 
   "This is one of the most amazing ladies I have met in my lifetime. Sixteen years ago when Mike and I moved to Knoxville, Martha was in serious trouble regarding her health. She is a recovered cancer patient whose lungs were damaged by the treatments and forced to give up a teaching career with a Master's Degree in education. I saw her at some of the difficult days when she struggled to just get out of bed and give life another go. Her visit today with a box of stuffed animals for the girls made me feel so blessed to have been allowed to know her and get to enjoy her friendship. Mike grew up in the same neighborhood as Martha, and was buddies with her two brothers, so this is my connection. When I first met Martha I was nervous that she would find me uninteresting due to her superior educational background. What a surprise to find she is one of the most intelligent, kind, and unassuming ladies I have met. She sees all people as interesting! Her knowledge of worldly things has not changed her kindness of soul and deep abiding love for humanity. The first thing she sees in you is what she thinks is developmental. Her gift of teaching, and it is a gift, is profound in that she forces your desire to learn new things. I could go on and on describing Martha but today her story is one of another mountain in her life that she has defeated. Having lost 71 pounds in a year's time leaves her feeling much more like herself and also allows her to be off oxygen most of the time now. Of course there is always the crosses we all live with daily in not being able to take off running as we would like to as life leaves us with scars and handicaps which limit us in many areas. I thank GOD for the love that HE has shown to Martha and how she has responded to HIS guidance! Way to Go Martha!"

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