Wednesday, April 6, 2016

KARM Clearance Center on Asheville Highway in Knoxville, TN

 Spent some fun time today shopping at the Clearance Center for KARM. This used to be a "dig store," but they changed this week and all clothing is on hangers now. No organization into sizes or man/female, but neater and easier to find things. All items are $3, but if you buy 4, the price is $10. All children's clothing is $1 each. Shoes $3 a pair, but can mix with 3 other items and that counts in the 4 for $10; same for purses/bags. Pillow, scarves and neck ties are $1 each. Bedspreads with shams are $3. They also have a nice variety of furniture. Chairs are between $10 and $30. They have some art work and mirrors and all books-adult or children's- are 25 cents each.

They are going to have a sale day once a week when the price will be 8 for $10, but that has not started yet.

Here are some photos of my "finds" for today. I am happy with my great luck.

A big secret about thrift stores is that many of the items are NEW. Area stores donate anything that did not sale in a season and the price tags are still on many items.

They also take donations.

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