Tuesday, March 8, 2016

More 100 Thing Challenge---over 700 items thrown out of my house

It sounds like I had one big mess, but my house was not messy. Most of the items I threw out were in cabinets, drawers, closets and storage shelves. What started on February 14, 2016 as a project of hoping to rid my environment of unwanted items has turned into an obsession. After I saw how easy it was to rid myself of 100 items, I moved forward to 200, then 300, 400 and now as working on 700+.

700-705 dust rags (used then tossed)
706-random piece of wood
707-710-3 wire coat hangers
711-720--9 files of papers from 2014
721-old radio
723-cassette cover
724-727- 3 baskets
728-732-4 items of clothing donated to thrift store
733-734-wire shelves donated
735-736-2 sheets
737-paint brush with dried paint
738-1 toy given as a gift
739-749-3 ring binders
750-754-4 pillows
755-old tablecloth
756-758-3 pasteboard boxes
759-1 piece tile
760-1 trash can
761-l lotion container
762-1 spray bottle

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