Saturday, June 13, 2015

What are you reading this summer? I read a fabulous book today Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson.

The case of the Memphis 3 has led me to oppose the death penalty. There are far too few people being held on Death Row who are innocent and most of them are black men. Sad and sickening.

The case of Damien Echols led me to the name of Bryan Stevenson. Bryan didn't have anything to do with Damien's case, but I got his book title and read it today. 

Just Mercy is about Bryan's life as an attorney hoping to help mostly men, but he has helped women too, who have been put on Death Row who are innocent. He has been able to see over 100 get released; some served over 50 years in prison for crimes they did not commit. 

Since our judicial system makes so many errors that means that innocent folks winds up in prison, we need to stop killing people. The cases will truly frighten you. All young people should have to read this book and maybe they would not be so careless with their behavior. 

In one case a very poor woman has a miscarriage and the baby is still born. A nosy neighbor tells on her for burying the child in her yard (the lady cannot afford a proper burial). The woman who already had five other children is arrested and on the testimony of a youthful coroner she is sent to jail for life. Bryan was able to get her out of jail after 10 years, but no one could ever repay her for the pain and agony of going to jail when there was no crime.

Anyway, I totally recommend this book. Turn the TV off and stop reading about Bruce/Caitlin and READ something of value. 

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