Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mad Men-the series, ends this Sunday---a review of what we know so far

Betty has lung cancer and will die within the year. Her husband Henry Francis is heart broken.
Joanie took a $500,000 pay out and has a new man in her life.
Sally has made peace with her mom and did cry after she read the letter Betty wrote about her final requests. Her two brothers Bobby and Gene are still sitting at the table hoping someone will feed them.
Roger continues to make jokes and stay drunk in his new position at the other ad agency.
Harry is doing great as the TV guy in the new ad agency.
Peggy is the cool person to know as the top female at the new ad agency and she seems to be happy
with her new office.
Peter came to his senses and asked his former wife to remarry him and take their little girl and move with him to Kansas as he accepts a new job working for Leer Jets.
Megan is a movie star in California who divorced Don and moved forward with her success.
Duck is working as a "head hunter" for large corporations but is still a drunk.
Bert Cooper and Lane Pryce died in former episodes.

So???? what will happen to Don? I think he will jump out of the window of a high rise building. After all, this is what we see at the beginning of each show.

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