Monday, April 27, 2015

Shark Tank--one of my favorite TV shows

   Shark Tank is a fun show to watch because it cannot be scripted. Most of the reality shows seem to be pre-written and the characters act out various plots and scenes. Shark Tank cannot be scripted because the sharks have to use their own money and what happens in the future is easy for the public to learn.
   I recently spent a very fun day reading the biographies of some of the cast members and watching videos of speeches and interviews they have given. 
  Mark Cuban is, by far, the richest one of them. He was not on the first season's shows, but the show was created, in part, because of his relationship with Mark Burnett. 
  Barbara Corcoran was contacted to appear on the show and then dropped a week before filming began. She wrote an e mail to Mark Burnett telling him how awful he was for treating her that way and he felt like she had an inner spark he admired so he rehired her. 
  Daymond is the one who knows what it is like to be truly poor. He grew up watching his mother work 2 or 3 jobs to pay the rent. He worked as a waiter for a long time after he created his line of clothing called FUBU---for us by us---meaning for people of his race. He was inspired by Hip Hop music, but could not sing or rap. He loves to hunt, fish and camp out---odd for a New York born and raised guy. He purchased a home on a lake so he can fish right off his pier at the back of his house and have a camp fire, too. 
   Kevin and Robert also star on a show out of Canada called Dragon's Den. There is a Dragon's Den for UK, Ireland and other countries. All have the same format as Shark's Tank.

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