Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Join me!!!!!

12:00 Noon Martha Rose Woodward, Author
Topic: Running a business in the home and redefining yourself after your career ends

Martha Rose Woodward will speak about her experiences of Redefining Yourself After One Career Ends. Listing 17 Truths About the Way Life Works, Woodward will teach attendees what to do when one career ends. Woodward will keep you entertained using humor and her own quirky way of teaching the truths about getting jobs and navigating your way through the world of work. Examples of truths she will discuss: Truth #7 Losing a job may be the best thing that ever happened to you. Truth #1 All jobs boil down to selling. Truth #17 Nobody will do it your way except Burger King; get over yourself. Truth #9 Look for your friends in low places (or high ones). Your next job will come from someone you know.

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