Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Latest book by Larry D. Perry, "When God Left America"

An oil painting by artist Bobbie Crews was used as the cover for this book.

For Immediate Release

Knoxville, Tennessee

June 2013

In his latest book, “When God Left America” Larry Perry details the numerous changes in American culture since the Pilgrims arrived in the 1600's all the way through 2013. 

This book details how America is failing and how to change it for the better. The text is controversial and thought provoking, but strongly supported by detailed research. All Americans interested in preserving the country will want to read this book.

The book includes chapters on: religious basis of our nation’s constitution, the roll of religion in education, attacks on education and school prayer, restriction on freedom of speech, enemies of the first amendment and much, much more.

“When God Left America” is available from Performance Press, on Amazon.com and can be purchased from the writer at P.O. Box 5194, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37931 or by e mail at larryperry@att.net.


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