Saturday, December 8, 2012

From Pasquale Bettio: Famour artist, and Doug's best friend in Los Angeles: "We created so many projects together. World hunger projects, American Communities of Friendship,Los Angles Creative Capital of the World, Sharing Friends of the Arts, Hollywood International,www,, and a number of various projects with the Hollywood Art's Council, Miricale Mile Civic Coalition, connecting Oak Ridge Tennessee, the city,the fire department,city council, the Los Angles Fire Department community projects with Scientology, The Rose Brest Cancer Society Department of Recreation and Parks The Living Museum Of Artography and Assemblage, the Oakridge museum of science exchanging art and a portrait from Emmanuel Snitcouskt of Albert Einstein which stand in the lobby.

As I write this I am realizing I could go on for hours. Please go to www.salute and appreciate the creation of so many sayings that we all use today, EXTRA EFFORT MAKES A DIFFERENCE, THERE'S A WINNER IN YOU to name two. His writings include one hundred motivational poems and several books, hundred of articles, scripts, briefs and he created the Dance Hall Of Fame with noted chorographer Joe Cassini."

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