Thursday, November 17, 2011

my first children's book is complete

Knoxville, TN
November 2011

Knoxville Journal Newspaper reporter, Martha Rose Woodward, and production manager/graphics artist, Pat Griffeth, announce the release of their children’s book
Watermelon for Everyone.

The 36 page, lively book is a delightful look at the life cycle of watermelon. The colorful illustrations capture the attention of children of all ages with fun facts and interesting details about the popular and tasty fruit.

Woodward, a retired school teacher, says she has had the book in mind for several years, but needed an illustrator. “It was a conversation with Pat about how she reads books to her grandchildren that led us to a discussion about my manuscript,” said Woodward. “It popped into my mind to ask Pat to come on board as the illustrator. Little did I know that she had been dreaming about illustrating a children’s book.”

Griffeth says the process was fun. “Martha and I get along really well,” she said. “We began the process by meeting for lunch. Martha showed me what she had written and her sketches of ideas. We discussed her thoughts about what she wanted the book to look like. After that, she gave me a free hand to develop the ideas. After I completed each page, I’d e mail it to Martha and she would send me her feedback. She asked for very few changes,” Griffeth said.

Watermelon for Everyone is an informational book that can be used as an instructional tool for parents and teachers. Woodward says she wanted children to know that a melon begins as a seed. “I think boys and girls need to understand where food comes from,” said Woodward. “I wanted them to know that a tiny seed holds the beginning of life. I hope they will become interested in gardening and growing food.”

The book is set up in three sections. Section One contains the core pages of the book and is the section for children to read or for adults to read to them. Section Two contains Non-Cook Recipes containing watermelon that adults and children can use for fun activities. Section Three contains lesson plans and teaching tips for use by teachers with small groups or entire classes.
The book is published by Amazon CreateSpace and is available at

This is the first product from Woodward and Griffeth, who have worked together for over four years. This is Woodward’s 5th book. Woodward is known in the area as “that Sunsphere lady” due to her first book, Knoxville Sunsphere; Biography of a Landmark, which was well-received in this area. Her second book The 1982 World’s Fair, published by Arcadia Publisher’s, has garnered attention from television programs in Los Angeles, California and China.
There is also a web site The book cost $12.00 at area book stores or from the internet.
It can also be purchased from the author and illustrator or at the offices of the Knoxville Journal Newspaper at 1717 N. Broadway, Knoxville, TN 37917.

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