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Fall 2011 East Tennessee Plant Swap

Fall 2011 East Tennessee Plant Swap

The Fall 2011 East Tennessee Plant Swap will be held at:
Cheryl Peters’ house
7704 Dave Road, Knoxville, TN 37938
Saturday, September 24, 2011

Setup will begin at 9:30am
Swapping starts at 10:00am
Lunch will be at 11:30am or noon

What is a plant swap?

The East Tennessee Plant Swap occurs two times a year in Knoxville. It is a time when those who love plants and gardens get together to trade plants and talk about this popular hobby. Everyone is invited to the free event. It is hosted by several friends who got together with an idea they had heard about as other gardeners met and swapped plants in Nashville, TN.

What should I bring?

Potted plants, freshly dug plants (properly conditioned to survive until they can be planted), cuttings, well-developed seedlings, seeds, small trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, annuals, gardening tools, gardening supplies, gardening crafts, empty flower pots and gardening related art are all welcome.It is a good idea to pre-label your plants.

What if I don’t have any plants to swap?

Come anyway. Many of our avid members first came to a swap in order to begin a plant collection. This is an excellent event for first-time gardeners who are hoping to find plants to add to their yards.

If you do not have plants you can share, bring gardening tools, magazines, crafts or art. One lady brought home-canned beets, one fellow brought pickles he made from growing his own cucumbers. One lady brought shopping bags she had sewn from fabric swatches someone had given her. One lady brought suncatchers and one brought painted flower pots while another brought wind chimes; all were a big hit with swappers.

How about lunch?

There is usually a pot luck lunch. Sandwiches, finger foods, picnic type dishes, deserts, water and cold drinks and utensils are welcome. Some swappers cook favorite recipes while others bring pre-packaged foods; all is acceptable. It’s America, there is always more food than is needed. Plan to bring one dish or more.

What happens at the swap?

As each person arrives, they position themselves in a spot and begin swapping plants. Some have special plants for swapping with specific people that they previously set up. Others have a supply of things to be swapped or given away. Weather permitting, folks usually swap from the back of their vehicles or from self-supplied tables.Some people bring a chair for a place to sit near their vehicle or table. Most people walk along and view what others have brought and make deals. “I’ll trade you some yellow lilies for a pink peony,” or that sort of thing.

Are there rules I need to know about?

No alcoholic beverages are allowed.

This is a free event, but always when the swap meets at a public park each swapper helps pay the rental fees.

Bringing pets is discouraged, but is allowed if you keep them on a leash and clean up after them. Since the next swap is at Cheryl Peters’ house, you’ll need to get her permission before bringing your pets.

Children, other family members, and friends are always welcome, but children need to be supervised.

No selling or commercial activity is permitted. Prearranged swaps are welcome. Freebies/giveaways are at the digression of the swappers.

Do you have any tips for newcomers?

Yes, the East Tennessee Plant Swap provides a friendly, welcoming environment for everyone. People who attend this event do not want to haul the plants they brought back home, so hang around to the end and people will give you tons of plants. Remember, it is a swap, so bring something to trade and do not hesitate to ask people about their plants; they will enjoy sharing their knowledge with you.

Get ready, you are going to make many new friends and you will look forward to the next plant swap, too.

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