Saturday, June 24, 2017

Rainy and hot here in Knoxville this weekend.

FINALLY got my housework caught up. When I get involved in craft projects I tend to let things to, not to a bad point, but mopping dog hair and cleaning the kitchen seem to get set aside for a day or two. LOL

I did finish the two quilt tops I have been piecing and plan to take to the quilter's next week. Also, did make a few more costumes for next Spring for a team of 7th graders who do a Medieval Days Festival in May. Continue to store and deal with all the items I bought 3 weeks ago in the yard sale where I spent $14 and got $1,000 in merchandise. There were several pieces about 5" square in the mix so I am going to start sewing those together this week. I plan to do a random pattern, not even a 4 Square or 9 Patch. I'll make the quilt about 85 x 90 or near to that size. There is plenty of cloth in there for me to use as a backing, too. I do not need any more quilts, but why not?

Also, delivered 18 baby blankets/quilts to a local agency that helps needy families. I have been making a donating blankets/quilts to them since 2003. IF my count is correct, and I think it is, I have donated a total of 186 during the last 14 years or 10 to 12 a year each year. I was recruited to make items by one of my best friends, Phyllis Garrison, (1936-2014) when she volunteered with a local church to help with their food bank. She called and said they needed quilts and blankets for babies and I should make some, so I did. I enjoy it and appreciate that the items go straight into the arms of people who need them.

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